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  1. Ok thanks that worked, but it scared me a lot! I couldn't find anything long and thin, so I used a little sewing needle like 1½" long.. I poked it and it jerked my arm really quick and started instantly.. thanks. Also knocked a little loose gunk off the filter cartridge before so it just sprayed a big cloud of it all over my tank, but it's clearing up already and it's only been 5 minutes.. guess thats the benefit of a 90 gallon filter on a 55 gallon tank.
  2. Ok thanks, going to try that now. I don't quite know exactly what an impeller is but you made it pretty clear.. thanks.
  3. I have an Aqueon 55/75 90 gallon filter on my 55 gallon tank with one common goldfish who is about 5" long. I accidently turned the power strip off before I went to bed and left it off all night. When I woke up in the morning, I realized the filter was off so I went to go flip the power strip back on. The other tanks' worked, even the 55 gallon's lights, but not the filter. It's making a very very quiet humming noise. I tried turning it off/on, cleaned the intake tube, etc... but it still wouldn't work. It doesn't seem like it's even trying to draw water inside.... Also, this really sucks, but I put my filter on my tank, the hood around it, then filled it with water. The filter is under the cross-brace on the back of my tank, there is only about 3" of wiggle room. To get the filter out of the tank, I would have to drain my tank completely and slide it forward, off the stand. So please let me know if I can do this without removing the filter from the tank. Here is a picture of what it looks like (not as crude of course):
  4. Mine have been doing it since I got them about a year ago. My common is around 5" long and could easily swallow the gravel if he wanted to. He swallowed an algae wafer whole and it was the size of a penny... I was like take it easy!!
  5. My little black moor is around 3" long and today he was laying on the gravel not moving a lot. So when he swam up a noticed a piece of grave was stuck in his mouth. He swam around frantically going crazy, then smashed into the glass and the grave fell out of his mouth. It was just one single piece, and he continues to pick at the gravel very carefully like he is afraid it will happen again. Is this bad?
  6. I rinsed their filter out completely but now their filter won't work at all.. No noise or anything.
  7. This, and time to rinse your media in some dechlorinated water. I rinsed it really good and removed some of the media. It's still happening, I've tried adjusting the cartridge up/down but every time I turn it on, it spews out this brown gook all over. Should I just leave the filter off overnight until I can buy a new cartridge at the pet store tomorrow?
  8. In my 29 gallon, I have a black moor and a fantail. They have a Top Fin 30 power filter and I'm going to buy them another one soon. Anyways, I've read about using your own media instead of just the basic carbon that comes in filter cartridges. So, I made a slit in mine and removed the carbon. Then I used cotton from the inside of a pillow as a mechanical/biological stage, and plastic straws cut up into very small pieces as another biological stage, plus a little gravel for another biological stage. Anyways, my filter was rattling so I went to place the lid on right. So I opened it up and took a look inside. I moved the cartridge up and lots of brown gook started flowing into the tank in stringy lengths. So I slid the cartridge back down and tried to remove most of it with a net. But my fantail ate a couple pieces. They were about ½" long. If I slide the cartridge down, the water doesn't make it through the cartridge and overflows out near the intake tube and just falls back into the tank. Right now I have the filter turned off. So, what should I do?? I think I should remove some of the filter media so it's more passable and won't overflow.
  9. But their water is clean anyways, why not just speed up the recovery? And you are doing that how? Let me be very blunt, Melafix is not a miracle fin grower. It does have its place in the arsenal of treatment tools, but before all else, GOOD CLEAN WATER FREE OF TOXINS. Here is where we were telling you that you need to make improvements. 1.0 ppm ammonia is a very very terrible place to start to promote any sort of healing. The water is not "clean" when you allowed your tank to build up 1.0 ppm ammonia. I said I had 0 ammonia and less than 10 nitrates just recently.
  10. But their water is clean anyways, why not just speed up the recovery?
  11. Sorry for late reply. The tropical fish are gone, and the common has been living alone in the 55g since yesterday. He has lots more swimming space and he darts from one end to the other so I think it was better for him anyways. The black moor and fantail are in the 29g together, they will be sharing that tank. Now they eat food evenly instead of the common getting 75% of it and the black moor and fantail have to split the little pieces. The black moor hasn't shown any fin regrowth yet, the water is still clean. Sorry, can't post any pictures right now, but I'll try to tell you what I know. His pectorals are almost completely gone. He probably has about 1/3 of them left. Ventrals also have minor damage, dorsal has minor damage too from getting caught in the net, being twisted, etc. He only has about half of his caudal, the bottom half is pretty much shredded near where it meets his body.. I think he needs the Melafix now. you just made my goldfish hear happy... Thank you for making room for them.... now on to clean water Do another water change of 60% then test again after 4 hours for us Hi. Sorry for the late reply. I was on another forum because I was so desperate for help. They advised me to change 50% of the water, which I did. Now that the common is out of the 29 gallon, the filter can process the ammonia. I had 0 ammonia and less than 10 nitrates. So, they advised that I begin dosing melafix. It's the second day now and he is already looking better. His dorsal fin has almost completely regrown. His caudal has also regrown noticeably, and I haven't noticed any of the pectorals growing back yet. I will give it more time.
  12. Okay, seems to be fine now... the betta isn't bothering the shrimp.
  13. Drained the tank completely as well and refilled it. The betta's bubble nest was destroyed and the shrimp was added in. The shrimp doesn't fear the betta and the betta has swam past him and not nipped him yet or acted aggressive. Now that his bubble nest is gone he probably won't be as aggressive as he would've been.
  14. Goldfish and koi are legal pond fish in Pennsylvania. Have a 400 gallon pond with four common goldfish.
  15. You might be able to get a good deal on a hood. Don't know if you have a Pet Supplies Plus nearby, but I needed a hood for my 55 gallon and unfortunately they were all about $80 to $125. They had a sale and I got my hood for around $35 after I registered a store card with them.
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