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  1. It's easy, but not a lot of people know. They get up to 1 foot, if now more. And I think somebody should move this to another section.
  2. You wanna sponsor me for transportation, pond liner, filter, fish, plants, and a birthday present? I will go for it.~ lol just kidding. I can't wait, just I don't have a truck to drive the darn thing home, and they're asking for a fee if they deliver it. Of course I will, first challenge is bringing the thing home. I've just asked the person and she said that she didn't use a pond liner for the tub when she used it as a pond at all. Would you recommend this? Also, for you pond people, how do you change the water, if you change the water at all?
  3. Oh, I'm so excited. My birthday is in 3 weeks and if it goes fine, I can have a pond for my birthday!!!
  4. Actually, I didn't think of using it as a pond until the person messaged me with the offer. I kind of thought she was crazy, but it's apparently not so foreign of an idea anymore. So you think I should do it? Also, will the insulation be enough or do I need more insulation for the winter?
  5. Here are some pics of the tub It is 8'x8' as I was told. Don't know the height and exact gallonage
  6. Anyone else thinks that this is a good idea? I'm asking for pics of the tub but the person hasn't responded.
  7. Maybe post a wanted ad, people will come to you. That's that I did
  8. Yay, another person who doesn't think this idea is insane. You can try to post listings on craigslist, since the person who offered me this say that they can have me move it too. Do you think it's a good idea to use a hot tub as a pond? It is about 500 gallons
  9. I've posted a listing on Craigslist the other day for a stock tank to use as a pond, and today, somebody texted me saying that they have a hot tub to use as a pond for free. They said they used it as a pond before and it's fine. Has anybody seen or had experience with a hot tub as a pond before and how well does it work?
  10. Very nice tank and fish! I'm so jelly!
  11. Also, I've always been used to checking their site every weekend so drool on new fish, and its just odd to not see an auction for this week.
  12. Oh good. That makes so much more sense now. I was afraid he was gonna leave the forum for a sec. Phew. Congrats Alex!
  13. Oh nice. Congrats! But why did he ask a mod to move this topic when he's a mod himself? Sorry, I'm new to this forum scene. :-)
  14. Wait, I might have not catch this but why isn't Alex a mod anymore??! I'm confused.
  15. ;-) let's make a meme-or whatever it's called.
  16. Oh no. I know exactly how you feel. Although I haven't experienced that before, but I totally know how it feels like when you are so excited and put too much effort into it, and it's just a let down and disappointment. Just like a relationship right? Loljk. Anyways, just think that it's not meant to be, and maybe because of this, you'll find a better deal on a better tank. Always think positive and things will work out. [sounds like a relationship advice]
  17. Holy cow, that thing is huge. I want one, but then again, I always want a new tank.
  18. Good luck. I'm getting a new tank as well, and I know how exciting it is to set it up and running. But just take your time and don't rush it. Good luck!
  19. Oh wow. That's a huge growth. Good job!
  20. Seattle gotta represent baby! You know it.
  21. Yep, 2 for $75. This includes lights, filters, and heaters.
  22. Guess what? It's official! I'm buying the 2 tanks. Oh I'm so excited I can't wait to bring them home. But I have to wait until next Saturday March 9th until I can bring them home since the seller has to break it down this sunday. I am so excited, I can't wait. It's going to be a long 40 minute drive, but it's all going to be worth it. Hmm, now I just need to have somebody drive me there.... o.O Also, anyone in the Seattle area, I'll probably still either have an extra 55, or i'll fill up the 2 55 and have my 72 empty since 3 tanks is too much for me, so if you want to buy one for super cheap, PM me. If not, then I'll sell the tank and possibly most of the money back.
  23. This is so awesome! Can't believe I didn't find this earlier. You did such a good job it's really clever. Job well done. Hmm, I wonder where I am.... lol. It's so obvious.
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