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  1. Oh my goodness. Stawp!!! They are too cute to resist staring at.... So adorably cute!
  2. I should have mentioned that huh. Lol. There's 7 fish in total.
  3. Can you cook? Microwavable pizza, yes. Real food, no.
  4. O.O Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I move in with you? I can sleep outside to guard your pond from...other kokonuts who'll try to steal that pond.
  5. So once again, I'm facing a dilemma.... well, not really, but I do have a decision to make. So okay, first of all, I've finally got a black stand today after months of using cinder blocks and plywood. I got it for $40. STEAL! The stand is in the garage, waiting to be used, but before that, I need to do some cleaning and draining of the tank first. So that's where the dilemma comes in. I want to do everything I could while I have the tank empty and on the ground, that includes doing the background and bottom of the tank. I'm faced with 2 decisions, either paint it, or use a background. So here are some of my questions for you: Should I paint my background? How long does it take for the paint to dry and be able to be put on the stand again? While painting the tank, can I hold my fish in a 20 gallon?
  6. Sadly, no. I couldn't find a way to bring the hot tub home, so the project has been put on hold. I will definitely update and revisit this thread when I'm finally able to start the project again.
  7. The faucet adapter of my aqueon water changer (the thing that screws in directly to the faucet) seems to be stuck onto the faucet, and there is no way I can unscrew it. I've never removed the thing before, but now when I try to, its stuck on there tightly. Has anybody else had this problem, and how do you fix it? If not, I'll just buy a replacement adapter for the other faucet that I'll be connecting too.
  8. Ahhh, he's getting larger everyday! Congrats!
  9. Ohhh, that's what I didn't know about while lurking in the other forums. I thought that since clamp lights can take high wattage bulbs, i'll be good for big tanks and high light. guess not. ~~ is it possible to still have the same effect of smaller tanks with multiple lights in a bigger tank?
  10. I just searched 'clamp lamps for aquariums' on google and those are the results that pop up. plus, doesn't seem like a lot of members ive seen around here using this method though
  11. I've been lurking around on other forums, and read some topics about using clamp lamps as lighting for plants on non-planted, and planted tank. I just want to get your thoughts and feedback about this since this is a cheap and easy to buy alternative to using an aquarium-light. The light is going to sit on top of a glass canopy of course, but are there any other risks or factors that goes into this?
  12. That shouldn't be hard. I went to CL here and checked for hot tubs under "Free Stuff" and found six. Yep, but most of them require you to haul it by yourself, which is a problem. I will try to find the info and get back to you, Shakaho
  13. So if this project actually comes to reality, how do I get started? What supplies do i need, and how do I make the filters?
  14. I do too. It will be a super cool birthday gift if I get it.
  15. Lol, the seller said they'll arrange something and see if they can deliver it. My fingers are crossed
  16. You could try listing a wanted ad on craigslist, so if somebody has what you want, they'll come to you and offer you instead of you hunting around. I find that this works for me in my case.
  17. Alex leave us.. then the whole world would Crumble Crumble Markets would Crash Crash. I can't leave! I would cease to be a robot! Sorry for the confusion. Sometimes I am on my phone, and moving threads is not possible. I already said that.. Pay attention... I think we need to reboot you Time for an upgrade! Hold on...I'll call customer service
  18. Ahh, my plans have been canceled because I don't have any ways to bring the darn thing home. The other person's truck is not big enough to haul the tub and I don't have any trucks. =(
  19. Check on craigslist, you can find great deals that are 1/2 price of what other pet stores sell. They might be used, but it's much cheaper, and new tanks become used when you use them anyways. Just for a reference point, I'd recommend you look for deals that are about $1 per gallon if not less. I would not buy tanks with deals higher than that. Don't fall for "10 gallon tank complete kits" that are $50+. Or don't fall for "20 gallon tanks + lights" that are at outrageous price. If you're not sure if the deal is good, just ask us here and we'll give you our opinion. Lastly, as I'm sure everyone is going to recommend this, but start out big. I understand that your money is tight right now, and this might not make sense, but just go for the biggest tanks you can afford. As most goldfish hobbyists will creep up size tank, it is cheaper to just start with a large tank, that way, your fish will appreciate it and your wallet will too.
  20. It's easy, but not a lot of people know. They get up to 1 foot, if now more. And I think somebody should move this to another section.
  21. You wanna sponsor me for transportation, pond liner, filter, fish, plants, and a birthday present? I will go for it.~ lol just kidding. I can't wait, just I don't have a truck to drive the darn thing home, and they're asking for a fee if they deliver it. Of course I will, first challenge is bringing the thing home. I've just asked the person and she said that she didn't use a pond liner for the tub when she used it as a pond at all. Would you recommend this? Also, for you pond people, how do you change the water, if you change the water at all?
  22. Oh, I'm so excited. My birthday is in 3 weeks and if it goes fine, I can have a pond for my birthday!!!
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