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  1. Just a little update, I ordered a 2lb bag of Pro-Gold on Wednesday, it was shipped on Thursday, and I've just received it today, Saturday!!! That's some crazy shipping speed. I was not expecting it to get here until next week. This is just fantastic! I would highly recommend them! Great service.
  2. After removing all the gravel from my 20 gallon into the 37, I have to admit, the bare bottom look isn't so bad afterall. But I guess I still like the gravel look more.
  3. How fast did yours grow Tithra? I'm curious to see how fast goldfish grow in good conditions, since the goldies in your videos look HUGE compared to my little 2 inch Ryukins.
  4. I think i'd stick with my two little goldies right now, and wait until they've fully grown to see if there's any room left for a third one. It's just so darn irresistible walking down the isles of goldfish at my LFS. sigh. Anybody else has any suggestion on my tank? I'll post pictures and videos of my fish in their new tank tomorrow, can't wait.
  5. Thanks tithra, I'll keep that in mind. My goldies are sitll pretty small, only 2 inches, so I don't think the log will be a real issue, but as they get older, I'd probably have to replace it for their safety. Regarding to the filters, I've heard a lot of good reviews for Aquaclear, so that was one of the top ones on my list, but I'm on a tight budget, so I held off purchasing it. I'll wait a few more days to see if the Top Fin gets any quieter, then I'll consider buying either an AQ 50 or 70. I'll try to get an air pump and air stone, but as I said, I'm on a budget, so that'll be on my Christmas wishlist for sure :-) Also a little side note, I ordered a 2lb bag of Pro Gold on Wednesday, it was shipped on Thursday, and it just arrived on my doorstep today, Saturday! That's super fast shipping, i was expecting it to come sometime next week. I did not expect this fast shipping at all.
  6. Thanks tithra Here's a picture of my new tank set up. It's a 37 gallon that I got a great deal on from craigslist. I have 2 HOB running, but I have not added the fish yet, planning on doing that tomorrow or Monday. The water's kind of cloudy since I've just set it up, if you have any suggestions for decorations or comment, feel free to let me know. =) Also, one of the filter is a Top Fin 40, and it is kind of loud, so if anybody has any recommendation for cheap and quiet filter, please let me know. Preferably below $30.
  7. I have taken some pictures of the tank, but don't know how to post them here. Anyone mind enlightening me? =)
  8. I've been reading the posts the whole time, but had nothing to say. Just to give you an update, I just got the 37 gallon and im about to go into the process of cleaning and disinfecting the equipments. I'll let you know how the tank turns out. Im pretty excited about it and seems like my two goldies are too. =]
  9. I've just found a great deal of a 37 gallon fish tank with hood and filter for only $30 on craigslist, and I'm going to get it on sunday. I'm currently keeping 2 little (2 inches) ryukin in my 20 gallon, and this is a nice upgrade for them. Since this is a new tank, I want to make it perfect from scratch, so starting with substrate, would you recommend bare bottom, gravel or sand? I've heard that bare bottom is the best, but i'm not sure if i'm going to like the look of a bare bottom tank since i've never seen one in person before. i am currently using gravel, and i've used sand before, both served well for the short period of time i used them, but i'm not sure how it's going to do in the long run. Also, since this is a used tank from somebody, how should i disinfect the tank and the equipments? I think that they used it for a salt water tank before, so is this going to be a problem if i use it for goldfish? Also, should I add one or two more fish into the tank since my fish are small, and it looks kind of plain with only 2 fish. Would you recommend getting a third fish for a 37 gallon tank? thanks
  10. I just want to know your experience with the food (maybe compared to others on the market). And your opinion of it.
  11. So I've just ordered a 20oz package of Pro-Gold for my goldfish from Goldfish Connection earlier today, and it costed me $23.99 in total including shipping (the shipping I think is kind of high). So I just want to get some experiences and thoughts of those who have or are using Pro-Gold or any other goldfish food. Feel free to chime in.
  12. Hope he doesn't get diseases like Puf. Hope and Edie will be friends for a long long time. I'm a new YT subscriber of yours and I love all of your videos. Keep up the amazing videos and look forward to more videos from you soon. =)
  13. I think a lot of people also think that Pro-Gold is really good, and the price is very inexpensive. But the only problem is the shipping cost for a bag is $5.99 for a small one, and $7.99 for the larger one. I only wish the shipping cost was less, then I wouldn't even have to ask this question. Does anybody know any other place to get the Pro-Gold for cheap?
  14. My tank set up is a 20 gallon long (I know, it's pretty small because my fish are still small, but I'll upgrade to a much bigger tank when Petco has their Dollar per Gallon sale again) 2 Filters-1 from my old tank which is fully cycled, and one cheap one I bought with the tank I'm currently feeding them leftovers from my previous tank - Aqueon Tropical Flakes but will be changing the diet soon *If anybody has any suggestions on how to keep the temperature of my tank down, that'd be awesome. I don't even have a heater in my tank, but the temperature somehow got from 73 to 76 in just 1 day. I don't keep the lights on for too long, just about 4-5 hours. So I don't know what changes the temperature other than room temperature. *Also, is it a necessarily to have air pumps in the tank, since they are pretty loud and I have noises in my room.
  15. I've just started with my Goldfish keeping hobby, and I'm liking it so far. And as with all of my pets, I try to feed and treat them the best way possible. That's why I come here for some information on which is the best goldfish food and which is worth the most money. My ryukins are still pretty small, only about 2 inches from head to tail each, so I want to feed them the bestest in their first year. If you've had any experience with any of the food, feel free to share them below. Also, feel free to share where you found the best deals on these foods.
  16. Here are just my opinions (beginner): Likes: 1) They are just absolutely so gorgeous and amazing looking. They are probably one of the best looking freshwater fish around. Just stunning. 2) Who wouldn't love those flowing tails and weird looking body shapes? Who couldn't resist those adorable chubby bellies? 3) They are just so lively and interesting to watch all day, especially at feeding time. Dislikes/challenges: 1) I wouldn't touch on the messy part of them, but the high maintenance requirements are much more than other freshwater fish. 2) They are much more delicate than other freshwater fish, and are prone to more diseases and such 3) The cost required. A tank setup for fancies or single tail goldfish are a little more than tropical fish since they need bigger tanks, more maintenance, and a lot more care. But at the end of the day, who could hate on these cute little angels? Certainly not me.
  17. I've just started out wth 2 Ryukin Goldfish I bought from Petsmart (I know what you're going to say, but I've just started out so I don't know where else to buy from), and they are super healthy and happy. I'm just wondering where you first purchased your goldfish, and if there's any tip or advice you would want to give, that'd be greatly appreciated. Also, what food are you feeding your fish?
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