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  1. Hi. I can only speak from my experience as a fairly new breeder so perhaps others with more knowledge can chime in. I have 6 females that have been spawning non-stop for the past 3 months (over 30 spawns now but have only kept 2 spawns to focus on) and I do notice the vent being a little red/bloody protruding every time each of them lays eggs. It's actually the only way I can tell which female laid the eggs since I have more than one female in some tanks. The redness usually goes away in the next day or two though. Hope that helps. But if you are still seeing redness then as Stakos mentioned, definitely post pics and perhaps someone could offer more guidance.
  2. Thanks for sharing!! I noticed the same thing with the black on my calico ryukins. Leaving the aquarium lights off for several days resulted in the black being a lighter black with a tinge of brown. The first time I thought maybe something was wrong with them but water parameters tested ok. And yup, once the light was back on the next morning their black spots were back to being a dark black. This was also matte coloring I believe.
  3. I've heard of Ultimate Aquarium and intend to check them out someday but haven't made it there yet. If you go, let me know how it is!
  4. I have a couple of ryukins from their ebay store. One thing to note is that their ebay store shows more views of the specific fish compared to their website but on both you have the option to pick a specific fish. Overall, I was pleased with my two fish as they were very healthy and would buy from them again -- granted, I live in San Jose so although they ship UPS ground the fish arrived the very next morning. They put methylene blue in the water so it took about 24 hrs for that to clear out of my goldies nostrils. One thing to be aware of is that if you are super picky about your goldfish they do not list small flaws like "single anal fin" so if the picture does not clearly show two anal fins you might want to ask because it might only have one, which is the case with one of my fish.
  5. I can't answer the ball question but I have several eheim 2217s and find that they will make a rumbling/rattle noise when there is some air trapped inside as great_kahn also mentioned. I just tip mine to the side a bit and it burps it out. However, if your hoses have some slack (e.g. go horizontally a bit so that you can pull it out from under a tank/stand before disconnecting) I've found the filter has a harder time getting the air out and can be noisy. I used to have to tilt mine to the side once or twice while holding the output hose vertically to get remaining air out. I have since shortened the hoses to have very little slack which helps.
  6. LOL! So cute! The first two especially are hilarious.
  7. Thanks for sharing these pics! Pretty neat! Beautiful pond too!
  8. Thanks Tithra! I'll have to go get one of these. I have been trying to figure out an easier way to clean my canister hoses without much success.
  9. Yay! Just picked up a 40G breeder today! I just happened to be back at my usual store and one of the guys working there said they got like 15 40G breeders in for the sale and sold like 12 of them in the first week. They only put out one at a time too so if it looks like they are out of the tank size you want definitely ask. I should have asked last weekend instead of assuming they were out of them and wouldn't have had to make two trips lol.
  10. Aww! Cute. Can't wait to see how they turn out when they get bigger!
  11. The flyer at my PETCO advertised 10G, 20G, 29G, 40G, and 55G. That's as big as they go for the dollar per gallon sale. I don't think there is a limit as to how many tanks you can buy though. Hope that helps!
  12. Congrats on the fry! As folks already mentioned freshly hatched baby brine shrimp make great food once the fry are free swimming. Baby brine shrimp can take 24-48 hrs to hatch. I tried Hikari First Bites but my fry absolutely would not touch it. They would put it in their mouths and spit it out so I ended up hatching baby brine shrimp like crazy and feeding them 4-5 times daily. The turkey baster is also useful for sucking up leftover food and poop. Fry turn into mini poop machines really fast. I kept my water level at about 5-6" for the first 3 weeks to make it easier for them to fill their air bladders but that is a personal preference which worked for me but I've heard others have had success with higher levels. My first batch of fry is now 9 weeks old and started to change color about a week ago and some look very different from the parents. In terms of what they might look like from what I've learned goldfish genetics are quite complicated even if you know which fish are the parents. But, generally speaking if you cross two metallics 100% of the offspring will be metallic. If you cross a calico with a metallic you will get 50% calico and 50% metallic. Crossing two calicos results in 25% metallic, 25% pinky matte, and 50% calico. In terms of how the fish would look like when they grow up, I have the same problem as you - I didn't know the parents. I guessed that it was my male oranda and female ryukin at first but as many of the babies are starting to look like little ryukins with a nice diamond shape I'm pretty sure it was my male ryukin who spawned instead. More than one male can also fertilized a spawn too so it's possible you might have some different mixes. Hope that helps a bit and perhaps someone with more experience can chime in.
  13. Thanks for the heads up! The closest Petco to me was all out of 40s yesterday...boo. May have to check a further one...
  14. Gorgeous fish! Love Sasha's coloring and great pics too!
  15. I moved my eggs to a smaller tank with a water level of about 5 inches. I set my heater to 76 degrees and they hatched fine. Keeping the water below 6 inches helps the fry swim to the surface to fill their air bladders. Some folks have been fine with higher water levels though.
  16. Aww! Just saw this thread now. Your new shukin fishy is adorable!
  17. Yup, definitely milt. It can make your tank start to stink if left in their so I recommend doing a WC.
  18. Thanks! This is helpful - did not know goldfish have tetraploidal DNA. I thought about it a bit more and it does make sense. Since I do not know the exact genetic lineage for each of my fish involved in the spawning there is no way to determine what the final outcome will be. I'm guessing this is a problem all breeders would encounter because the genes can go way back. For example, if my fish that spawned have the same recessive gene for say black, then there is a possibility of a fry containing this recessive color even though it does not appear in either parent fish. Same goes for dominant carp features like mouths or wild-coloration. It will definitely be interesting to see how the fry turn out!
  19. I love that "feed me" picture lol! Very cute fish! One of my redcap orandas Maru is changing color too but a little different from yours. He's starting to get orange scales on his tummy.
  20. Ah hahahaha! Sooo cute!!! Your kitties look so cozy in that tank. I don't know anything about bettas but yours are very pretty and I'm guessing a bubble nest is a good thing?
  21. I thought that too. With this short photo shoot I discovered that goldfish are in fact capable of civil disobedience. He looked mad and refused to move like I wanted. LOL. My fish start zooming around like crazy everytime I try to take a picture of them so 99% of the time they end up looking like giant blurs.
  22. Thanks!! I really appreciate your trying to find someone who can maybe answer this. I also tried searching on the internet but it doesn't look like there was any info specific to the questions I have.
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