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  1. Great tip! thank you looks like I will be heading the food way as well. All good, I appreciate the info I will have to do the food option it seems. I did put one dose of Quick start in this afternoon, I will just keep an eye on things for now. And, in the mean time sort out some fish food. Then just go from there. I love the picture in your signature by the way. Your fish are gorgeous and I absolutely love the tank I want my fish! but alas, I want the conditions to be correct for them so they have a healthy environment to come home to as well!
  2. Hey Dan, Thanks for that Yeah I came across that info on ammonia in Aus' as well :S I've discovered "Quick Start" by API - "http://www.apifishcare.com/Products/Product.aspx?ProductID=642" Apparently it "immediately starts the aquarium cycle", however, I'm unsure how long I need to leave the tank empty until the parameters a right for the fish. I have a Master Test Kit by API which will help me monitor the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Am I right in saying I'd be looking for 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 160+ nitrate in a 50 gallon tank as per the "FishlessCycle" article here on the Koko website? Then do a 50-75% water change? - Not that mine is 50 gallon, mine is 100L (so about 26 gallons), would the readings be the same roughly? ... I'm going to do more research on this "Quick Start" stuff... I may still have to use the food technique.
  3. Thanks for the help it's very much appreciated. I should have mentioned I was from Perth Western Australia! Would have saved some hassle haha... apologies!
  4. Hi guys and gals, I'm fairly new to keeping fish and have been researching a lot lately. I'm aware of cycling a fish tank however I'm slightly unclear on how to do this. I know about "http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/FishlessCycle.html". The thing is I think I'm going to have major problems getting a hold of some pure ammonia. I've had a look at some other options such as adding fish food or a dead prawn/shrimp? What would my best option be? I'm thinking fish food. Can anyone share some insight as how I'd go about this. Obviously putting food in the tank lol, but how much per L, how often etc... Any help would be fantastic - I want to get my cycle started! Thanks muchly -Lisa
  5. Wow the black oranda is amazing, as are the other two of course Enjoy your surpise all-white ruykin!! Looking forward to seeing photo updates.
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