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  1. This is a question im also interested in the answer to.Sent from my LGL41C using Tapatalk Hi here is what I wrote to Tiki "Fish painting commissions arn't a regular thing for me so I dont have a price list per say. I do all sorts of work though. www.itherart.com is my art website if youd like to check that out I have a youtube channel to. Ive done tattoo commissions before but not digital paintings. I love to paint fish though, if you like you are welcome to link me some reference photos and a description of what you are after and ill put together a quote for you, thanks"
  2. I sure do Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  3. Thank you for all the lovely comments everyone!! So lovely of you all Too right you are
  4. I did this digital illustration because I was inspired to draw my six new babies. This is my first post since returning to the forums. They were draw/painted from scratch using the digital painting software ClipStudio Paint with my Huion Pen Display GT220 tablet. I used a reference for each fish, but they were drawn by eye not traced. Let me know what you think ^__^ I do a lot of drawing and I really enjoy art. I have an art orientated YouTube channel iTHERart which I feel will have a lot more artworks featuring my goldfish now that I have these awesome six in my life.
  5. Oh wow thanks Helen, I wouldn't have thought of that I don't want her eggs rotting / bacteria etc. I will put her in with one male and see how we go Thanks!
  6. Update: Opus is male... we've found breeding stars on him to. Now poor Voodoo is alone. Do fish always breed??, I know it depends on water temp etc... but what I mean is will it be forever going on with the 3 boys and one girl. Or could we separate Voodoo and one of the boys and encourage them to breed... after they have done their business then could we put Voodoo back in with the boys and all be ok?? Help =(
  7. I have my black moor female goldie Voodoo in with my broadtail Astral, and fantail Saffron - along with Opus my small ranchu. Astral and Saffron are males and have been chasing Voodoo around like anything. Yesterday I put her into a separate tank (set it up with media and some water from the other tank etc.), as I was worried the two boys were chasing her to exhaustion. Now I'm worried about her being lonely ... gah! can't win. What my fiance and I might do today is setup one of our larger spare tanks to put her in with Opus as I don't think Opus is male (bit young to tell yet tho). Anything you guys and gals suggest for my situation? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks for the info you guys Until my fiance and I upgrade we are going with your method Jamie thanks for that! I didn't think of it.
  9. Hi ladies/lads, Do any of you have your own automatic water change system going? My partner and I have tried the python but dislike the amount water wasted (we currently don't have water storage tanks we could use), we have had manual siphons which have all broken on us with use... We are looking into a decent sump setup etc, however that may be a while off yet. We kinda need something this weekend, we would prefer to not have to go out and get another manual siphon! Halp?
  10. They are completely back to normal this morning =) Keep up with the Metafix? And I will have to try uploading the video again.
  11. Hi Helen, thanks - I'm using the API one. From what I can gather, there has been nothing in the way of water works in the area. I added some API Stress Coat as well. I'm uploading a video at the moment. I've been poking around the net to see if anything explains the situation. What I found out when I turned the light on (wasn't until I went to film them) was that the tank was murky. What I think has happened is a bacterial bloom from disturbing the sand too much during the water change. This would cause fish to gasp right? ... I'd assume so. I've added a dose of Metafix and they seem like they are already acting a bit better. Less "oh gee gimme air.. in.. in.. in" and more "ok, in ...out...in..out" and swimming about a bit more like normal to lol I think they will be ok once this clears up. I will get the video on here when it's uploaded. If any one has any ideas/suggestions let me know =) Thanks!
  12. Temps had a 3 degree Celsius difference. Maybe that's what it was?? =S Should I quickly go out and get some heaters? I haven't needed them prior, so I don't have any. Temp in tank is 21 celsius and tap is 18...
  13. I did add the conditioner, yup. Tap pH = 8.0 The tank is a bit hard to judge, in the normal pH test it's 7.2 close to 7.6 / in the high range pH test it sits at 7.4
  14. Hi ladies and gents, My partner, Tim, and I just did a water change (70%) with our 220L tank; which homes four of our fish (our - Black Moor, Fantail, Broadtail and Ranchu) We noticed that after the water change our fish were opening and closing their mouths rather rapidly, and they still are - it's been over an hour or so since we finished with the tank. Tests after the change all came back fine. pH: 7.6ppm Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 5ppm What could be the cause of this? I'm worried it's like they are gasping for air!
  15. Thank you heaps for all of the responses =) He has grown up so much, even I sometimes can't believe he's the same fish! haha. I was so unsure about getting him when we did but my fiance was dead-set that he was going to be ours. I am so glad Tim was so much for getting him as he was because Opus is one of the most personality filled fish we have and fits into our finned family perfectly!! Opus has got such a belly on him now lol it is really hard to believe he is the same fish we got back then. But, I can assure you, he is the only ranchu we have, there is no mistaking it =)
  16. I made this to see how much my ranchu, Opus, has grown since I got him. There is quite a difference Unfortunately I didn't weigh him when I got him, and still haven't - think I'm going to have to do it soon haha.
  17. WHOA! Nice fish Good luck with the naming
  18. Wow ok. By flicking I mean like they would sort of "curve" their bodies then kick out straight again?? If that makes any sense. I don't feed live bloodworm. Maybe it was from the sand Is there any way to get rid of them? / should I be concerned?
  19. I bought it from an online supplier - its "CaribSea Tahitain Moon Sand" which was commercially bagged up when I received it. I bought it from "The Age of Aquariums - aquariumproducts.com.au"
  20. It's strange what ever it is No my tank isn't planted but I do have black sand that I put in it a week or so ago. I do feed bloodworms. These guys though, most seem alive and kicking... they seem to "flick".
  21. Hi, I was thinking of putting this in the disease diagnosis/treatments section but I wasn't sure. After cleaning out one of my tanks filters (with some of the tank water) my partner looked into the bucket after emptying the water to find these... there are a few in the picture =S Can any one please tell me what these are? and what action I need to take?
  22. its a bubble under his chin I think its on the slim coat. It doesnt seem to be losing colour from what I could tell
  23. Hi Helen, Oops! I forgot about the not linking to out side sources thing (besides photobucket and youtube of course) sorry =S Im unable to upload the video to youtube because my friend has uploaded the video to facebook since it was too big to email to me. And from what I can find there is no way to download a video from facebook? Anyhow, Here is a photo I took of him yesterday... the other side of him was a bit worse (more area covered by the fungus)
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