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  1. My oldest goldfish is a common and she 10 years old, 10 - 12 inches long and is currently in a 90 gallon tank.
  2. I wanted to get an upgrade in tank size for my fish and decide to go with a stock tank http://www.tscstores.com/2-X-2-X-6-150-GALLON-POLY-STOCK-TANK-P3658.aspx I just have some question? Do you think I could just paint the OUTSIDE of stock tank black? I may have to go with canister filters because I'm sure my AC110 are not going to hang ON THE BACK. So how many GPH should I look for in a canister filter or 2?
  3. Hi Sabine I was hoping it wasn't tumors I never seen a fish with tumors before. I hope every goes well with MeanAzz. As long has he is eating and swimming normally he can live a great life.
  4. Yes, I would say she bottom sitting for a few minutes at a time. I had no idea that we don't look at the dorsal fin for clamped fins.
  5. ok metronidazole and erythromycin
  6. She is eating. Their is just salt in the tank. I have to do a water change today and I would add the prazi today. I will upload a video
  7. I have finish 2 round of prazpro with 0.3% salt and I was wondering do I do more rounds of prazi? do I add the other med now? Speckles yesterday bottom sitting and clamp fins.
  8. She swimming normally, no longer bottom sitting or clamp fins. she eating normal
  9. Their is no more bleeding and has healed
  10. I have the meds They are still showing signs of flukes or another parasite I just really think I should do 2 round of prazipro ( double dose) with 0.3% salt first before I add the other meds. I just need to know when and how to add the other meds
  11. 0.1% but now I thinking I should have done 0.3%
  12. I already made the order. I do have a 27 gallon sterilite tub. I'm can easily mange doing 100% water changes with the 27g then the 90g. But I have an other fish Speckles, she has gotten worst. She has this ongoing Issue with bloody streaks and rip fins for a year and a half now. So i don't think I can put both in the 27 gallon and I think she could use the treatment has well. I will post a current pic of Speckles. I also think I will have to do more rounds of prazi treatment (I order prazi has well) because I saw marella today try to rub on the bottom of the tank and specking was try to shake something off her fins I know the white cloudy spots on her anal fin are cause by flukes but they have still not disappear after treating with prazi a year ago unless their new spots?
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