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  1. Thats exciting! I'm doing pretty well now. Finally over the bug I had
  2. I've been sick for the past week with a sinus infection, Finally starting to feel normal again now but still feel quite run down and headachy
  3. Definitely send an email and pictures to the seller Sorry!
  4. You're allowed! But i dont have the answer lol
  5. Nope no babies from her yet! Its been a while since my main tank gang left me any eggs
  6. Yea I'm ok now. It really freaked me out though!
  7. Blacky made a bubble nest last night As for me I fainted last night for the first time in my life, was such a bizarre experience and had to go to hospital to make sure there was nothing more serious to cause it (there wasn't, I hit my elbow on the edge of the cupboard, it really hurt, i stepped out the room and the next thing I remember is waking up on the floor
  8. He came with a tank just under 5g, so he is in there at the moment, but its a really weird shape so Im probably going to move him to one of my other 5g tanks. He was given to me by my friend
  9. Thats good to know, It doesn't get cold enough here to worry about Prazi freezing or getting too cold so I had no idea on if/how it would affect it
  10. I don't usually, sometimes I might do a round of prazi after adding the new fish
  11. So so sorry Charlie. You gave him a wonderful long life
  12. I can't get over how big Justine is! She is a gorgeous young lady
  13. Did you mean 0.3% ? If the fish appears healthy I usually only salt for a week or two in QT, but I dont go higher than 0.3% unless im doimg a salt dip. I usually dose some prazi during QT as well
  14. Omg Charlie that's awful If the media doesn't dry out completely at least some of the good bacteria should survive.. I'm so sorry
  15. So first photo is Lenny on Wednesday... Second photo is Lenny today (Saturday)
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