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  1. I run canisters at the moment because HOBs wont fit over my tank, but I hate them. I always make a mess when I clean them, and they are so heavy and cumbersome to move and I always end up in mega pain after cleaning them. So I dont end up cleaning them anywhere near as often as I should. I'm ditching them soon for a sump and cannot wait

  2. I think they are alright now..ive written up the full story on my blog topic

    Ive used almost all my meds trying to sort this out though so I dont know what Ill be doing if I need kana again, and I only have 2 tubes of metro left, neither are easily available in Aus and the site I normally buy from has been out of stock for like a year now. Ree has been helping me out sending me extras but I dont want to leave her without any 

  3. I think that its part of a colour change in progress, I used to have a panda moor, when I got him his colour was pure white and really dark black, then his black faded to grey but his white alsp darkenee to grey before he changed to be completely pure white. Sometimes the colours take the long way around din getting to their destination 

  4. Maybe, but it has been a pretty mild summer, and we havent had the extreme heatwaves weve had in past years so the temperature of the pond hasnt got anywhere near what it has in the past so it would seem strange for it to happen now and not at a time when we had 10+ days of extreme heat

  5. Yes, Im finding myself gravitating back to the more simpler fancies now, such as fantails. I find the more "changes" they have from their "original" form the more prone to problems they are.  I do love my butterfly moors and more extreme looking fancies but in general I find the simpler they are, the hardier they are.



    That said all the fish I lost from my pond were comets/shubunkins. Many who I had owned for 5+ years without a single health issue until I found them either dead or barely breathing.  They had all been super strong, super healthy fish. So whatever it was that killed them didnt discriminate.


    I still miss my black comet Raven dearly, she was so special to me. I got her when she was only a couple of inches long and she grew to about 12 inches and was just a really strong powerful fish.  It still hurts knowing how suddenly she declined and I had no time to do anything for her. By the time she showed any symptoms it was too late :(

  6. Thank you


    I definitely feel that they are genetically more vulnerable. Especially with so few places that actually breed them, the gene pool is relatively small.


    I just lost Papi (the fish in my profile picture) 3 days ago, very suddenly, I had her about 5.5 years which seems to be what my fancies average out at, despite how many times Ive read that goldies can easily reach 10+ years and the efforts I go to to give them the best care I can, I have never had one that long.

  7. So far just the 10 that survived whatever it was that wiped out the other 30+

    Will get some newbies after everything is properly set up.


    Just got home from work and found Papi wedged between the heater and the glass,  i pulled her out and set up a QT for her but when I went to get her from thr bucket she had passes :(


    My fishkeeping has been very frustrating lately 

  8. 3 hours ago, koko said:

    Could you send some of that heat over here. lol

    I'm sorry to hear that hun. What's wrong with little kitty?

    I had a tree that broke off a Big limb and landed on my neighbors fence.... Oh that should so much fun to clean up lol NOT! 

    Oh and it squashed my two lavender plants too. 

    She has a bladder stone, normally they would treat with a diet change but she is already on a special diet for inflammatory bowel disease so they can't change it. So now we are reducing the the medication she is on for the IBD because that could be contributing to the stine, but has been a long expensive road of finding the right balance. Think we are finally there now


    Gonna be setting the pond up again over the next week. Hopefully everyone in there stays healthy now

  9. Opposite here lol, so hot today,  but overall its been a pretty mild summer


    Im doing ok, been pretty stressed with lots of vet bills for my cat and all the things going wrong in the pond but think Im finally getting on top of things

  10. Hi! Welcome to Kokos

    First off, beautiful fish!

    Second, they look like tumors. Ive found them to be quite common in goldfish. Unfortunately apart from surgically removing them there isn't really anytbing you can do to get rid of them. But fish can live comfortably with them for quite a long while, depending on how fast they are growing,

  11. Bella recovered and is doing great, though she doesnt like my deep tank so she is in a small tank with some fry I saved from the small pond before letting it dry out. When i get my tank Ill see if she does better in there, she waa very floaty in my deep tank. Lucy is also doing great and has had no problems at all,


    Un fortunately I dont really have anymore good news to share...Topaz's tumors started growing really fast and then he swelled up and pineconed overnight,  i tried treating him but he only continued to get worse and I had to euthanise him :(

    Jupiter,  my calico nymph, hasnt been doing so well either. She isnt bloated and has no physical symptoms but she keeps hiding most of the time,

    then there is the worst part of all

    my big pond, the 450g...I had over 40 fish in there at one stage (a lot from them breeding in there)


    i now have 11 of them left. 

    All my big guys are gone...Splasher the shubunkin, Albie the white comet, Raven the black comet....only four of my named fish are left...Pinky, Rainbow, Arty and Funky. There are 2 other orange comets left and 5 more uncoloured babies that were born out there.

    It started a couple of months ago, I would find a dead fish every couple of days, but wouldnt see any symptoms in them, the water tested good but I  increased water changes and treated the whole pond with prazi, still they kept dying...most of the time I wouldnt see any symptoms,but sometimes they would just be very lethargic for one or two days before passing. Never any redness or bloating or torn fins or anything. When I noticed Pinky been lethargic i bought him in and first tried treating with metro, trisulfa and oxy,he didnt get better and continued to decline, but he was still fighting. Finally he was at the stage where he was barely breathing and would only eat very slowly, Im always hesitant to use kana because I know how hard it can be on them, but it was the last thing I had left to try and I knew if I did nothing he wasnt going to make it.

    The kana worked, within 2 days he was back to his normal self. I left him in qt for a few weeks after symptoms ended and then put him back in my main tank

    But now I was left with the problem of what to do with the pond. I did not have enough kana to treat the whole pond and wouldn't be able to afford that amount. So I decided to nuke the whole system, this was a really hard decision since its been running for about 6 years or so now and was very well establisbed. I emptied it completely,  got rid of all the floating plants and put all the papyrus plants into the small pond to be disinfected.

    Nuking the pond also left me with the difficult decision of what to do with the remaining fish. I had pulled 14 out when I emptied it. I had the choice of either treating them all with kanaplex or euthanising them all and starting over completely. I decided to treat them all. I got two large tubs and bought them all inside. Some were not looking good when I pulled them out and they died within a few days, then everyone seemed to bedoing very well on the kanaplex and finished the course, but the last week Fatty started bottom sitting then developed very fast moving finrot, I added meds backbut it got worse, I gave him a salt dip but it was too much for him to handle and he passed away afterwards.

    So I currently have two large tubs with 5 fish in each. No one is currently exhibiting any symptoms but Im still worried. I have used almost all of my med supply. 

    My plans for the weekend are to get the pond set up again and start it cyling again. Once Im confident things are ok and the other guys are back in there I'll buy some new fish.


    Ive also decided that I will eventually set up the small pond again, will just revamp it to make it more predator proof. 


    Another decision Ive made is to sell my tropical tank so that I can focus my time on my goldies. Its been a very hard time lately.


  12. If you do another one like that sometime in the future (when Im not dedicating all my spare cash to vet bills and car fixes lol) Id be interested in buying one if you think it would ship ok over here

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