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  1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. It does sound like flukes. Id use the prazi + salt. Salt to 0.3% or 3 grams per litre. It doesnt have to be aquarium salt, any salt that doesnt have any additives is fine to use.
  2. Hi, its a bit hard to see in the photos, but it looks like a tumor, Unfortunately, short of surgically removing it, there isnt really anything you can do. But ive had fish who have lived happily with tumors for at least a few years
  3. I understand you're maxed out on space, have you considered/do you have space for a pond of the appropriate size? (Around 40g)
  4. Thanks guys xxx I still have a ton of others,I'm not even sure how many, but I've lost quite a few of my special ones this year which sucks
  5. Spice now spends most of his time moping about. He still gets excited for food but is very low on energy. Some of the other fish have started biting his fins when he is moping and he doesn't react or try to move away from them. @koko look how it's gone now
  6. Aw its so hard to lose them, its been 2 years since I lostJunior and it still hurts
  7. Definitely not white spot. Im leaning toward fin rot, but am not certain. I think some salt could help, and Id probably be inclined to treat with something like metroplex or general cure @koko @Arctic Mama what do you guys think
  8. Oso I realize this is a super old thread Im resurrecting, but I wanted to update with new photos. It has opened up now, its no longer raised but has a hole First, this was back inSeptember These are from the past week
  9. Hi! a 40g breeder would be good for 2 Goldies. I find fantails to be the hardiest of the fancies, basically the less they have changed from the normal goldfish the hardier they are in my experience. Here is an excellent page for our guidelines for keeping goldies that you will find very helpful https://kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/121320-kokos-goldfish-forum-guidelines-for-healthy-goldfish/
  10. Yea i know quite a few of the old kokos people are active on fb and it makes me so sad that they arent here anymore
  11. Wow it looks amazing! Do you have any photos of the fish?
  12. Ill sub as long as I can, but I do have to admit with the lack of activity on the forum its getting harder to find and keep people willing to pay
  13. I downloaded it and uploaded it onto youtube
  14. Oh it didn't automatically embed for you? Ill see if I can download it somehow or find it on youtube
  15. I know this thread is super old, but the video I mentioned popped up in my FB Memories today.
  16. The floatiness could be a swim bladder problem Your water levelslook good, but Id still recommend increasing waterchanges, generally at least 70% a week is recommended, goldfish are very messy! Did you shake thebottle and tube very well whendoing the nitrate test? It is unusual to have 0 nitrates. @koko what do you think?
  17. Hi, i caanot see anything that looks to be of concern in the photos
  18. I'm glad she is getting better! I'd probably keep the salt in for a week or two, each WC add the salt for the amount of water you removed, since salt doesn't evaporate out the water
  19. Hi, I haven't heard of any thing about normal salt not having he benefits of aquarium salt. I haven't used aquarium salt in YEARS and haven't noticed any difference apart from the price The scale is fine, Fish occasionally lose scales I don't think it looks like a prolapse, that was a thought I had which is why I wanted to see photos There shouldn't be any negative side effects, especially since we are using a low dose. You will want to dose the tank to 0.1% salt, which is 1 gram per Litre
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