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  1. I'll have to check out the prices of the hose itself, figure out the minimum I'll need. Thanks! It would be good if I could just get the ends if that will cut down on the shipping price. I understand why it's so much. Just can't afford it!
  2. Thanks, he talked a lot about tropical freshwater fish needing salt and said I should definitely be using it for Goldfish :S He didn't go into why though. maybe next time they hold the seminar I will go back and ask him for more detail I was quite happy with the information he gave on stocking and such for tropical fish, he didn't say much about goldfish in general though. But thanks for clearing that up for me! I was iffy on it but I thought I'd ask here in case I was missing something
  3. That's what I was confused about. It confuses me because the packet says it for freshwater fish @_@ But says it's a disease treatment and stress reliever so I wasn't sure.
  4. So I've had my goldfish for over 6 years and never used Salt with them, I went to an aquarium seminar recently, and he talked mainly about tropical fish. But at the end he said to me that I have goldfish I should be using aquarium salt. Does using Aquarium Salt help the fish in any way?
  5. Has anyone ever used something like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Aqueon-Fish-Tank-Aquarium-Gravel-Cleaner-Water-Changer-/360294007542?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var&hash=item53e33242f6&_uhb=1#ht_2757wt_1178 when doing water changes? Do they work ok? If so, does anyone know if I get one from somewhere in Australia? I've been looking for a while but only find ones overseas that either don't ship to Australia or want more for shipping than they do for the actual Water Changer and I can't afford that much
  6. My oldest fish is a telescope eye I've had for around 6 years. He is very hardy. He went through being in a 5 gallon with two other goldish (A Fantail and a shubunkin) and a snail with a small filter, then an overstocked 30 gallon (I had about 9-10 fish at one stage I think). He survived when I introduced Ich into my tank by not quarantining new arrivals, and survived when I lost about 5 fish in a month from an unknown illness. He lost an eye about a year ago, still don't know how that happened and he is still swimming around happily, though he is a bit more shy since he lost his eye. There was a time when he and two others got a fungus infection and I thought it would be ok to just put them in a 5 gallon with multicure. Woke up the next day to find them all gasping for air and turning blue around the eyes and mouth. Put them straight back in the other tank in a panic. (They all ended up ok) For the past year he has been in an 80 gallon with 5 other goldfish and is doing great. I've had live plants sometimes, he loves to eat them and pull them up though. I've always had gravel in the tank and over the past two years I've added air stones. So Google was one of my original three, that survived everything I threw at them when I didn't know what I was doing (and thought I did) He is the only one of my remaining three left (One died from a huge fungus infection and one in the unknown outbreak that killed half my fish) (I also think Google is actually a girl but I've been calling him a he so long it's stuck )
  7. They are so pretty! I love your tank too
  8. When I first got Goldfish, I thought as long as they weren't in a bowl it was ok (I had learnt a long time before that bowls were bad, but didn't understand why), I also thought the only things they could eat were flakes
  9. Oh I understood how to weigh them, I meant to find measure how long they are lol. They are so wriggly!
  10. I've never weight or measured my fish. maybe I should try it tomorrow on tank cleaning day. What is the best way to get accurate measurements though?
  11. They are so cute! I had an impulse buy before. He was the most beautiful fish. He died in a tank cleaning accident I felt (and still do like two years later) absoutely terrible. Ever since I've wanted one like him but have never found one
  12. I've bought live Brine Shrimp and fed them to my goldies before, they loved them
  13. Aw so adorable! So tiny and cute and awwww
  14. Most of mine I got from Petstock. I have bought from Seaview Aquariums (in Adelaide) Before, and two of my current ones are from Marine Plus Aquariums
  15. I'm sorry you have to go through this ;-; It's never easy. You gave him a great life
  16. Likes: 1) They are so relaxing and amusing to watch! 2) I love decorating their tank 3) I love getting to know each of their personalities! (Bonus: I LIKE testing the water...It makes me feel like a scientist ) Dislikes: 1) Water changes! With back problems I'm always in a world of pain by the time I'm finished 2) Always worrying about whether they are ok, getting paranoid about if they are sick or just acting funny 3) The cost! I'm on a very low income so if something breaks it's a strain replacing it!
  17. Oh that's so awesome that they took your advice and let you help them! She looks like she is loving that space!
  18. LOL. That's funny XD I think it's good we have a shared meter at my house, I'd hate to think how much water I actually use with my goldfish, axolotl and betta tank. (Though I don't have a betta at the moment)
  19. I've taken him out to look at his door, he doesn't react at all! But none of my snails have ever reacted unless I fiddled with their 'door'! I've never been this confused about a snail in my life lol
  20. Nope, it doesn't move at all if I push on it :S It's really weird, I'm scared to take him out if he isn't dead but this is the first time I haven't been sure!
  21. My Mystery Snail, Sherlock hasn't moved for weeks. Normally I can easily tell when they are dead because they stink bad and their 'door' will move when I try to open/push it. His door wont move and he doesn't stink at all. But he hasn't come out or move from the spot for at least 3 weeks. Occasionally I think I see his door open slightly and I can see a tiny bit of him and he ends up upside down but I wasn't sure if that was him moving or the fish bumping him. Right now his door is really far down and there is a heap of shell before you can see his door, like it's really tightly closed. Is it possible that he is still alive and gone this long without moving? :S
  22. I name Snails. I've had Speedy, Racer, Noo-Noo, Slippery, Ms Hudson, Sherlock and Watson.
  23. "You've had your fish for 6 years? That's old!" "Why do you worry so much about your fish?" "Do you really want to spend that much on a fish..." "You NAME your goldfish?" "Why don't you get *insert other fish here* to go in there too!?" "My fish was fine in a bowl, and he lived for 5 years and I never cleaned it!" "You are crazy" "Why do you have to change the water EVERY WEEK" "Can't you turn that filter off?" "How much electricity/water do you waste on the fish?" (when I get a new fish) "Why are you keeping it separate, why not just put it in" Lucky my parents are good with my fish now and understand most of the time
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