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  1. Maybe you just have too much? I have about 1/4in of gravel and part bare bottomand find very little in my gravel. Since you are removing it anyways, take out enough so that it is only a very thin layer before you decide to remove all of it. I'm not against sand, its very beautiful too but since you have the gravel it might be worth seeing if that makes a difference. Thanks, I think I do have too much so I'll try leaving just a small amount
  2. Maybe I'll try sand then I've had Sand in my axolotl tank before but had to take it out because one of my axies took to burying her pellets .-.
  3. I just hate how much waste gets stuck in there xD No matter how much I vacuum it I never seem to get it clean I'll go with removing a little each water change then, and leave a little bit or some rocks for them to forage in
  4. I hope this is the right section. I've had my 80 gallon tank running for about 3 years now. I have gravel in there and I've been finding it really annoying to deal with lately. My axolotl tank is bare bottom and I love how easy it is to clean...after reading a lot of posts on here, I'm seriously considering going bare bottom in my goldfish tank. My ammonia and Nitrites stay at 0 but my Nitrates tend to climb up quite quickly. I like how bare bottom looks, but there are a couple things I'm worried about -Would removing all the gravel at once crash the cycle? Would I need to remove it a bit at a time? -My fish love foraging in the gravel, will they find another way to entertain themselves?
  5. I have those digital ones with a probe. I have trouble reading the basic ones and the sticky ones are useless xD I had them on my tanks but they rarely showed any colour at all and when they did they were wayy off
  6. Whenever I was researching I was under the impression that 6/7 was very young for a goldfish and I should expect over 10 years. I've had my oldest for almost 5 years - for a few months he was in a 5 gallon with 2 other goldies,then a 20 gallon with I think around 5 others, he was in there for 2-3 years? I only did water changes when the tank looked dirty or was covered in algae,and I rinsed everything in tap water. Then he was in an 80 gallon with 9 others, with 25% weekly water changes, for over a year now he has being in the 80 gallon with 5 others and 25% water changes weekly, the last couple of months I've upped it to 50-70% I don't know how old he was when I got him, he was fairly small though - http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs28/i/2008/136/6/0/Google_by_tamedwhiskers.jpg Here he is now http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/255/a/e/two_fish__three_eyes_by_buttpanda-d5eg3xq.jpg (The one-eyed one) I've noticed on other sites people are made to feel guilty if their goldfish lived 5, even 10 years, because 'they can live so much longer'.
  7. Bamboo eats algae off the back glass..I tell him he needs to eat it off the front and sides where it can be seen!
  8. I have 6 in an 80 gallon and I feel that is too many My Ammonia and Nitrite Levels stay in check with 50% weekly water changes, but my Nitrates go up to 50, sometimes more! Bamboo is only about 2-3 inches long and he hasn't grown since I got him over a year ago :S Honey is a little bigger and has grown very slightly. All my others hve grown huge amounts since I got them, but have now seemed to have stopped growing. i wonder how big they would have being if I wasn't overstocked with 10 fish in there for the first few months after I got this tank.
  9. Thanks everyone I quite love that picture of google and the ornament too xD
  10. Wow! That's tiny. My smallest goldfish is 20 grams. I thought he was small!
  11. At my pet store, they keep the danios and goldies in the same tank. I bought a bunch of danios and they don't seem to mind the cooler temperature, but I only have two left Which is probably good because I'm still a bit overstocked anyway One of mine is a Zebra Danio, the other though is a Giant Danio, more expensive than the Zebras but he snuck in when I bought the Zebras somehow. This Zebra is fast enough that he has lasted over a year so far without becoming a snack, white the Giant lasted long enough to grow big enough that he wont fit in the Goldies mouth.
  12. Definitely make sure the tubes are on super tight. I heard a strange noise one morning and came out to find my axolotl tank almost empty and the filter spewing water all over the floor @_@ That was a close call.
  13. Wow beautiful fish! I especially love Sherby and Julie
  14. She is beautiful! I love bettas. I'd love to have more but I don't want anymore tanks to clean xD If I could fit a bigger one somewhere I'd do a divided one but for now my little man is happy in his 20 litres
  15. Thank you everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed them!
  16. Thank you! Hehe and she knows it! Managed to get some of my otheres Abraham Google Bamboo
  17. Unfortunately I couldn't get all my babies because Cali is a camera hog and whenever I focus on one fish she swims in front all "ME ME ME ME I'M BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPH ME HELLO I'M HERE POINT THE CAMERA AT ME. ME ME ME" But here are some I got xD Tiger Honey Cali
  18. Thanks guys! I've never had a betta act like this before so I was worried. I think he damaged his tail while freaking out though, there is a tiny tiny hole in the middle of it. That should heal up on it's own with clean water, shouldn't it?
  19. I've had him for about 2-3 weeks now. His tank is 5 gallons. As for the PH, both my tap water and tank water read the same 7.6 on the normal PH test and 7.4 on high range Do you think it will be better on him to take him out when I do changes?
  20. So, whenever I do a water change on my bettas tank, he seems to get really stressed. He goes back to normal within an hour or so but when I'm cleaning it and for a time afterwards he clamps his fans and goes really pale, all his colours go a kind of grey. I change around 30% of the water and get the temperature of the new water as close to the tank temperature as I can. Pour it in slowly, and when I'm removing the water I try to move the siphon around as gently as possible. Today as soon as I finished he was swimming around like crazy at full speed and looked terrible. He looks completely fine now but I'm worried this was a very stressful experience. Is there anything I can do to make water change time easier on him?
  21. You shouldn't need to ask for Chloramines because your conditioner should remove them Tap because some Tap water has ammonia in it and the PH can be different from the level in your tank
  22. I think it would be good As long as she is supervised of course, which I know you'll do. I have bad anxiety as well, though I have being improving a little. Sometimes it affects me online too and I get scared to post anything Even if she just had an account to vote from I'm sure she will love it and if you are worried things aren't working out you can always stop it
  23. Aw they are so cute! I'd love to order something some day lol
  24. Wow that's amazing! I'll put my name on the list for one
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