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  1. The new tank looks great!


    I picked these guys up off someone on next-door.  They had outgrown their tank.  They said their son had wanted fish but they didn't realise how big they got. They are quarantining in my old small pond that I no longer have running full time, and will eventually go into the big pond. I'm sure they will love it.  The tank they were in was probably only about 30 litres or so. They already love the small pond which is about 600litres. The big pond is 1500 litres so will be paradise for them.




  2. I hope the new one does better!

    It sucks to pay a lot of money and get sick fish. I paid a lot for two nice looking orandas, one completely pineconed and died within 2 weeks and the other ended up with issues that lead to a 5 month long QT!

  3. 4 hours ago, mjfromga said:

    I'm beyond maxed on goldfish. My outdoor system is totally overstocked but oh well. I can't upsize it. The fish are okay for now. Maybe I can upsize next summer. I have a 20 gallon long indoors with a lone juvenile Oranda. Cannot add any more fish but he does just fine.

    I find my fish do better in an overstocked pond than an overstocked tank.  I don't know if the natural sunlight, bugs, algae etc have anything to do with it. But until last year when some mystery disease killed 3/4 of my pondies I didn't have any big problems with my them even when overstocked. Strangely enough all but one of the survivors were fish that were born here. Most of them hatched in the pond.  So maybe that was something to do with it too, but I did lose a lot of the fish that were born here as well.

  4. Some quick phone photos of my pondies. Computer problems make it hard to upload nicer photos from my computer at the moment. Water is very green but they like it. Everyone except for Herbie (Comet covered with tumors) and Arty (Colourful Shubunkin) were born hereimage.thumb.png.fdbdfc49d67ab462d818b169651290b4.pngimage.thumb.png.9f9d06441bb3900d26a6972fc6087f9d.pngimage.thumb.png.5c7f12564e56c2a327a12be34a518741.png



  5. 24 minutes ago, Acro said:

    Thanks!  I love those koi! 

    I'm happy to win, I did want a lil more competition though! 

    I'll message you Koko!


    Congrats Acro!

    I wanted to enter but shipping is too expensive for me and I wouldn't expect anyone else to cover it so I sat out lol

  6. Yea, I've had ryukins that looks more like fantails but produced nice ryukin looking babies too.

    But  honestly don't care about labels/pet quality/show quality etc. I just look for something that attracts me. I'm never going to show my fish or anything, they are just for me to enjoy 🥰

  7. I definitely have a lot of experience with fish with swimming issues so I'm sure we will be able to work out anything that comes up :D


    The Nymph label made me laugh lol, I knew Jeff was Ryukin but was debating between fantail and Ryukin for Gemmy.

  8. I went to a LFS that I've never been to yesterday. It was a tiny little shop, but clean and tidy. 
    They had a bunch of goldies labelled as nymphs, they aren't nymphs. But it honestly doesn't bother me what they are called :rofl Their goldfish section was quite small, most if it was saltwater and tropicals. 

    But i did leave with these two calico "nymphs" (Lol). My friends 6 year old son named them, so they are named Gemmy and Jeff. Jeff makes me laugh so much. Such a random name for a fish. I love it. Gemmys photo is blurry, photos were taken at the shop. I'll get better photos sometime soon! Its a bit hard in the QT tub.




  9. Yea! They are teeny at the moment so I'm excited to see how they grow and develop!

    There were better examples of bristols in the tank but these were the ones that grabbed me.  



    heres a few other pics from around the store




  10. Glad you got them into the new place!

    I lost my black moor Nymph Muddle today, he had a few issues lately and this morning I found him just drifting around in a C shape with his fins looking all shredded (He looked fine and was acting fine last night) so i decided it was best to let him go :(

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