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  1. I only had trouble with mine leaking was when the hoses weren't attached properly. But the heads were almost always stuck to the body when I needed to do mantainance and always had to troubleshoot to get them off. Thankfully I found a helpful youtube video which helped me get them off fairly easily. But still I hated doing mantainance on them

  2. Haha swimming in it sure is tempting. 

    It's been over a year since I first drew up the plans for this tank, Dec 2019 I took them into the shop and got a quote, then a year later after buying my car I had saved up enough to place the order, so placed the order in Dec last year and was so excited when I finally got the call saying it was done!

    They delivered it and did all the plumbing for me and filled it and made sure everything was running correctly.


    Going to go through ab ump in the cycle now as I have a lot of ne media in the sump but have put my old media in too so hopefully it wont take too long to settle.


    But it has a drain I can attach my hose to for draining it so waterchanges are gonna be a breeze


    And I am thrilled to never have to deal with canister filters again lol

  3. Hi guys


    Been  a bit of a hectic couple of weeks. My good friends mum died, my dad had a fall and hit his head, can't remember anything about it, my grandpa died.

    But in a bit of good news, my new tank is coming Sunday! Am spending today taking down my current tank which is getting sold tomorrow. 

    Fish are having a holiday in the pond in the meantime.

  4. I had a fish that had really bright orange for years and then within a couple of weeks his orange completely faded and he ended up completely white, he's never gained back any of his orange.


    I unfortunately don't have photos of the process on this computer or else I'd share them. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Miss Bad Wolf said:

     I think goldfish food is an acquired taste that only fish have it seems.


    I dunno,  my dog seems to like it LOL



    Also my old dog once stole and ate a whole jar of betta food

  6. 6 hours ago, Mikey said:


    it makes me so sad to see it so slow here :( I miss having enough people for the LOTP, post whores, etc and seeing the overall activity and great posts. 

    Me too Mikey, I miss everyone who has disappeared :( almost all the regulars who helped me when I needed it are gone

  7. In the past 2 weeks or so I've lost 4 fish from my tanks. Geting worried that whatever was in my  pond snuck into the tank even though I was super careful not to cross contaminate anything.

    MY little Ryukin Bella, who I only got a few months ago was struggling to stay upright, she was very compact fish so I moved her to the small pond which is much shallower, but the next day I found her stuck to the pump, still alive but badly injured. Too badly injured to survive. I had to euthanize her.

    My Black Moor, Hamster, Suddenly started just laying upside down on the bottom of the tank. I moved her to a QT and medicated but she died a couple days later.

    Roo, My Calico Ryukin, One of my favourite fish...she just...died. Literally. I got up and checked on the tank and fed everyone at 9am. She was swimming around, no symptoms whatsoever, she ate just like normal. At 11am I glanced over at the tank and she was just lying there...dead.

    Then my Calico Nymph, who I saved from been flushed 5 years ago started struggling with staying upright, she also wasnt pooping. Her belly got descended and swollen. I fasted her, I fed her peas, I used epsom, I dosed with meds. Nothing helped. It got to the stage where she couldn't right herself at all, even with help. I could see she had given up, so I let her go and euthanized her as well.

    Really crushed. They were all favourites of mine. Hamster, Roo and Jupiter I all had 4-5+ Years. Jupiter had never given me any trouble. The only trouble Hamster gave me was a case of ich. Roo had popeye a few months ago.

  8. On Friday I picked up this guy, saw him in a 5g tank on facebook market place. Drove an hour and a half to get him.  As you can see, he has some issues (tumors?) but he is bright and happy and begs for food and I adore him already. His name is Herbie. (Name he came with) The people I picked him up from said he came with a tank they bought and they only wanted the tank. They said the wife was calling him Fatty, the Hubby was calling him Gill but his name in his previous home was Herbie so thats his real name lol.. I Loved the name so I stuck with it.




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