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  1. I think they are alright now..ive written up the full story on my blog topic Ive used almost all my meds trying to sort this out though so I dont know what Ill be doing if I need kana again, and I only have 2 tubes of metro left, neither are easily available in Aus and the site I normally buy from has been out of stock for like a year now. Ree has been helping me out sending me extras but I dont want to leave her without any
  2. I think that its part of a colour change in progress, I used to have a panda moor, when I got him his colour was pure white and really dark black, then his black faded to grey but his white alsp darkenee to grey before he changed to be completely pure white. Sometimes the colours take the long way around din getting to their destination
  3. Im not sure but I nuked everything in pond, boiled everything that could be boiled, bleached everything that could be bleached and medicated the remaining fish.
  4. Posting on forums like this as well as fish oriented facebook groups Ive found to be good ways to find people who wll care for your fish Good luck!
  5. So far just the 10 that survived whatever it was that wiped out the other 30+ Will get some newbies after everything is properly set up. Just got home from work and found Papi wedged between the heater and the glass, i pulled her out and set up a QT for her but when I went to get her from thr bucket she had passes My fishkeeping has been very frustrating lately
  6. She has a bladder stone, normally they would treat with a diet change but she is already on a special diet for inflammatory bowel disease so they can't change it. So now we are reducing the the medication she is on for the IBD because that could be contributing to the stine, but has been a long expensive road of finding the right balance. Think we are finally there now Gonna be setting the pond up again over the next week. Hopefully everyone in there stays healthy now
  7. Opposite here lol, so hot today, but overall its been a pretty mild summer Im doing ok, been pretty stressed with lots of vet bills for my cat and all the things going wrong in the pond but think Im finally getting on top of things
  8. Hi! Welcome to Kokos First off, beautiful fish! Second, they look like tumors. Ive found them to be quite common in goldfish. Unfortunately apart from surgically removing them there isn't really anytbing you can do to get rid of them. But fish can live comfortably with them for quite a long while, depending on how fast they are growing,
  9. Yes an intake guard is definitely needed, not only to protect the fish but it also stops any big solid pieces getting sucked in and ruining the filter
  10. Aw yay i love seeing fry grow up
  11. ^^^^^ My guys go nuts for frozen mysis shrimp
  12. If you do another one like that sometime in the future (when Im not dedicating all my spare cash to vet bills and car fixes lol) Id be interested in buying one if you think it would ship ok over here
  13. Congratulations Taryl! He is beautiful Koko I absolutely love them, especially the first one!
  14. Aw they are gorgeous and I love the names
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