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  1. Wish my goldfish would let me keep a nice lush tank like that! Super impressive setup
  2. Looks great! I could never get my duckweed to grow(super envious)
  3. Glad to see everything is going well wishing a speedy recovery
  4. Thank you! Any name ideas? Im not sure! I couldn't decide on a name for mine so I had others name them for me
  5. Looks so sleek! Cant want to see fish who will live here
  6. Wow wish I saw this earlier! just bought a piece of driftwood at my local fish store
  7. Looks great! were the fish added after the plants?
  8. So pretty! Great updates, I love seeing fish get bigger and bigger
  9. Too gorgeous! I can't get over all the plants and how well everything looks together. Inspirational!
  10. I hope they get along; they look absolutely beautiful together!
  11. So gorgeousss! I second the unboxing video idea
  12. can't wait to see pictures! such a great find
  13. Wow, it's so obvious that they are in excellent hands
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