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  1. Hi guys! I have a 6 foot long 125 gallon tank that I used to keep my arrowana in. I currently only have 3 goldfish in there now and have a ehiem canister for filtration. I do have a QT that I use for all new additions. In terms for risk, I was planning on getting the shiners that would be larger or same size as my fancy to prevent any kind of attempt for snacking on each other. Plus they are river fish and pretty streamline that I suspect my fancies would have trouble making a meal out of them. I was going to keep one side of the tank planted with no current and the other side with a power head river stream therefore allowing both their natural environments for each species to coincide. From what I've read, the shiners are pretty unpicky at what they eat. I was going to feed them the same thing I feed my fancies. There isn't much info on this species since they're still new to the aquatic scene but from what I read so far, I'm eager to try mix the two in an indoor tank. I guess if it came to the worse case scenerio, I could always put a divider between the two groups.
  2. So I was introduced to this fish through the koko forum and was wondering has anybody ever tried keeping these guys with fancy goldfish. There's not much info on the net about them since they're roughly new to the aquarium scene. They're supposed to be river fish but I heard you can mix them in ponds. I'm interested in keeping them together with my fancies in a tank though. What do you guys think?
  3. Lol i came to the forums because of my addictions to fancy goldfishes but I think you just created a new addiction for me.. got to get me some rainbow shiners .. too bad they don't seem to have them in BC Canada
  4. Hi everybody. Anybody have any luck with fishsempai recently? Last I spoke with them, they were short on stock. Seems like a trend all over the area. Anybody have any idea why it's been hard to find goldfish these days?
  5. Hi Finnage! I have been there a couple of times. I've found that they dont have the best customer service there. They always seem to look angry and annoyed when people come in. They're goldfish selection to me seems to be okay but they don't look as good as the goldfishes from fishsempai. I wish we had a local goldfish farm in Vancouver. I'm looking for high back ryukin, ranchu, and lionhead if anybody has seen them around in Vancouver. Finnage have you been to North America Pet Store on kingsway? I believe they are more specialized in goldfish, but due to slow economy, they don't import their goldfish as much. Most of my goldies are from there.
  6. Which email are you guys using to contact fishsempai? Is it info@fishsempai.com? Cause if its so, i guess they dont like me. lol
  7. Argh.. accidently pressed the enter key. as I was saying.. Does that mean we are getting lower quality fishes being sold in Vancovuer? Do you know if Fish Sempai sells smaller fishes? The pictures on the website for each variety looks really big and I like to raise my goldfishes to that size myself.
  8. Hi Mr. Hyde! Gran'sgoldies1 - Have you had contact with Fish Sempai any time lately? I went to their website and used the email shown there but have not had any luck with a response yet. There fishes do look more higher end then the ones they have in van.
  9. Thanks for the info bodoba. I messaged them last night and have not received a reply yet. Are they still up and running? As for local breeders, I know of none in my area. I wouldn't mind specializing in some tho. My lionhead had babies in dec. They aren't perfect but I'd keep them because i raised them up myself.
  10. Any idea where you can get high end goldfish in Vancouver Canada?
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