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  1. I'll go ahead order "hun". ;-) Thank you! B
  2. hi I've been doing the 2% dips with no real improvement apparent to me. This morning she only made it to 3.5 minutes in the dip. The last ones were 5 minutes. New pics below. Fish is still acting and eating pretty normally. Beginning to feel the dips aren't really changing things here. Any thoughts from Sharon or Koko would be appreciated. Please advise. Thank you so much. Brett
  3. Ok so I did the 1% dip and she did great. Tipped a bit here and there but kept herself upright pretty much the entire time for a full 5 minute dip. I did not try to swab the white spots because I noticed the larger one on the wen had come off before I pulled her for the dip. So I just let it alone. I'll do another 1% tomorrow, then go to 2% the following day and see how she does. Thanks! I'll update when I have more.
  4. Maybe yes -- not completely sure. Do I just use a wet cotton swab and gently rub it a couple times? I've never done it before. I plan on doing the dip in the next 30 minutes.
  5. Ok I'm going to prep for a 1% dip and see how she does. Also, I noticed that the white spot on her wen shown here to the right and above her eye, is also getting red around the edges. It's difficult to see in this photo due to the color but it seems to be getting worse as well. The white material is more of a dense fuzz that breaks off as it keeps growing - rather than a "pimple" that pops. Don't know if this new info might change any thoughts as to what it is exactly. Please let me know. Thank you!
  6. Hi Yes I did a 2% dip that lasted 1 minute. So are you saying that I should do 1% dip for as long as the fish can handle until it can be in 5 minutes - Then IF it can do 5 minutes at 1% move on to 2% assuming the dips have not lasted more than 7 days to that point? I'm not exactly clear on this. Also, This is the first time I've read about a salt dip for a bacterial infection treatment. I thought salt was most effective for some parasite problems?? As I said, I'm a novice but would like to knock this thing out as it's getting worse and am now considering the Metro treatment. Are you recommending the salt dip because you believe it's the most effective treatment or because it's the most gentle treatment that might cure the issue, and if it doesn't, then move on to the meds? Thank you again for input! Brett
  7. Will do then. Thank you for your advice -- really appreciate it! On the Metro treatment - it says 1 measure per 10gal every 2 days. Is this correct? And no dosage adjustments due to water changes? And does Metro treat Aerobic and Anaerobic bacterial infections. I was under the impression the Metronidazole was more for an internal bacterial problem - but I am a novice ;-) B
  8. Trying again--- http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/ameliafish/library/
  9. sorry - here is link: <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/ameliafish/embed/slideshow/"></iframe>
  10. Having trouble posting images directly in the thread still -- can you tell me how please?? Here is a link to photobucket page though. Thank you!
  11. Hello I did a 2% solution. I used a large bowl with 1/2 gallon of water and 10 tsp of salt. The spot has gotten bigger and larger red area. I can do another salt dip today but feel the fish does not take to it well from the experience of the last dip. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you. Brett
  12. Ok will do -- thank you again! Brett
  13. Ok. I have a very full work day tomorrow so will have to be Tuesday. Would it be best to go to a 1% solution and hope for a longer dip? Or keep with the 2% and plan another 1 minute dip? Seems like a very short dip compared to the protocol I read. Is there a medicated procedure I might plan on if the dips are too short to be effective? Thanks again! So appreciate it! Brett
  14. Hello there... So I just did a salt dip at 2% dilution. The fish went on her side very quickly. I prodded her to get her to move and she uprighted herself but pretty much went straight back on her side. It made me a bit nervous so I only kept her in 1 full minute - and I felt like i was pushing to get to the 1 minute mark. She's in a bucket of fresh water with air right now and I was thinking of maybe giving her a 2nd dip in about 30-45 minutes. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Brett
  15. Hi Thank you both for your advice and apologies for the delay in responding...very busy days going on here. I will try the salt dips. Fish is acting normally still and the spot has not been getting worse so all is ok for now. Thank you! Brett
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