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  1. Thanks everyone. So weird to look inthe tank and not see him- he was just such a big gorgeous guy.
  2. I am sorry to report that he passed away sometime last night. It was actually a relief as it became clear to me a few days ago that he wasn't going to make it. I fed him by hand last night as I have been doing for the last two weeks and he wouldn't eat. Just to see, I weighed him after he passed and he was a little over one pound. He would have been 7 years old in October. I was always under the impression that a goldfish like him had a possible lifespan of 15 years and that was what I was working towards. However, the man who sold him to me told me Monday that it was more like 8 years and that 7 years old is a very long time. This made me feel better as I feel guilty that something happened when I upgraded him from a 20g to a 40g a few months back. I have one small goldfish now in the huge 40g and feel the wind knocked out of me with the tank- I am going to do a 50% water change today. Anything else I need to do after his passing? Anyway, I buried him up on the back hill with all the pug dogs I have had pass over the years. Thanks everyone for all the help in trying to save him.
  3. He is on the 8th day of the metro meds. I have been doing smaller water changes every day as I think he gets a little stressed out with bigger ones. Also hand feeding him the metro-meds which he doesn't mind. The tank is covered with a blanket. Checking water readings everyday. This really sucks I have to just say it. Watching him like this. He is such a magnificent fish.
  4. UPDATE- He is still alive but the metro-meds have given him swim bladder issues. He is better with the swim bladder today- still in the corner of the tank but able to lay correctly rather than upside down. The pineconing is down a bit but he now has a new issue- black scales. I am thinking it's ammonia burn even though I have checked the water every day. Any ideas? It was worse on his left side and seems to be fading but I also see it a bit on the right and it wasn't there before. Does ammonia burn get darker before it gets better? he is not in good shape and I contacted a vet for further advice but the doctor is 100 miles away and transporting the fish is not an option- nor is paying the vet for a house call. He seems to be the only small animal vet that also specializes in fish in all of southern CA. He is still eating and occasionally swims around. I added an extra airstone to the tank and another filter as well. Thank you. http://s1276.photobucket.com/user/spookypug/media/IMG_8489_zpsfff40d63.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  5. Ok great. Thank you! How long do you think I can safely leave him in a 2 gallon bucket with an airstone? I have been doing it for 20-25 minutes at a time. I have a 20 gallon long I can set up with water from my 40 and some gravel and a filter that is cycling ( I have 2 filters on my 40g) and make a QT tank if it would help him.
  6. ok. Thanks. Anything else I can/should be doing? What about the water change schedule? What would be good to follow? Do you like the idea of the meds+ bath? Thanks
  7. He isn't in QT Just in his tank with one other fish. Can I add it to the regular tank?
  8. Update: I have been giving him metro meds since Saturday and doing epsom salt baths every 12 hours for 25 minutes and he is hanging in there. Yesterday the pineconing was down a bit. He is eating the meds and seems to be acting normally. I am just plugging along and hoping for the best. Water parameters are all perfect. Think there is anything else I should be doing? What schedule of water changes do you think I should be on? Also think I should do Metro+ baths? Thanks everyone.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up! Yes that is a big difference. I really appreciate your help. Hopefully the metro meds will arrive soon so he will benefit from the added ingredients.
  10. I haven't added anything to the tank. Only done water changes and without salt this time. I made food for him per the instructions on the Metro+ website. He will get the metro-meds as soon as it arrives and in the meantime get the metro +. Both products contain the same antibiotic Metronidazole. One is in a food form and the other needs to be compounded into food using gelatin in order to be taken internally. Dnalex... can you tell me how these two differ because from reading both websites and speaking to the store it seems they are close to the same when prepared as food. What am I missing? Thanks. I gave him an epsom salt bath for 15 minutes and he seemed to like it. He wants to eat and is swimming around normally just is obviously sick with bloat and pineconing. The local store said not to get my hopes up but I won't give up. Thanks again everyone. Also wondering can I do an epsom salt bath more than once a day? Thanks
  11. Ok It should be pretty much gone by now with the water changes I have done. My local pet store had Metro + which seems to be the same thing from goldfishconnection but just not prepared in food form. Because I don't know how long it will take to get the food from goldfishconnections I am going to prepare the food myself today per instructions and start him on it right away. I gave him a bath in it even though that won't address the systemic problem. Have to go buy plain gelatin or grain alcohol- never seen either one- to make the food.
  12. Just the normal ammount of salt I put in. I replace it when I do the water change. Thank you for the well wishes.
  13. Ordered the meds last night and am going to bring a description of them to my loacl store anyway just to see if they have anything like it- it is a very well stocked professional place. will change the water again in a few hours. Of course I am going away for the weekend- doesn't it always happen when there are out of town plans that can't be changed?! Thanks I so appreciate the help.
  14. I see what you mean by covered. No. It was exposed to light briefly. What should me course of action be?
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