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  1. It took me a minute to figure out what the animal in the last photo was! Sorry Winslow.
  2. When doing quarantine the dose of prime lasts for 24 hrs. so I would think dosing with prime and then filling slowly would be fine.
  3. Hercule is a beauty and Jellybean is a cutie. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Wow, I hope my tiny little Kirby gets to be a big boy like yours. Great fishkeeping!
  5. Wow! That would be awesome to be able to go out and pick your own. I found these in a garden center years ago but have never seen them since, so mine have moved when I've moved.
  6. Thanks Alex. Kirby is doing great. He is a little finicky when it comes to food (he gulps at the surface after eating) but he's tolerating Super Green repashy,green beans and blood worms without too much gulping. Does that meet all his nutrient needs? I'm about 4 hours or more from the boarder but it's worth looking into if I get desperate for a ranchu buddy for Kirby.
  7. Thanks. I am really happy with it and you're right- it does seem more balanced. I'm afraid I'm spending way too much time in front of it these days! Thanks Lisa. No the back just has a black aquarium background taped to it, motherredcap. Thank you. Me, too!
  8. Well, if you are in a giving mood KK and Lisa gets her three could I have Dorito, please? I'll even say pretty please if that will help!
  9. She'll be a happy little fish in her awesome new tank! I would so like to fish-nap her though!!!
  10. Go for it! There is lots of great stuff out there. You just have to hunt for it sometimes. I can never pass a pet store without checking out their aquarium section cuz you never know where you might find the perfect addition for your tank. thanks. Awesome, I'd love to visit Sweden! Thanks, and yes Kirby does look lost in there all by his lonesome but I'm having a heck of a time finding another little ranchu buddy for him. When I see all those beauties for sale on-line I could cry cuz no one will ship to Canada!
  11. You keep inspiring me! Oh, you guys are so supportive! Thank you very much.
  12. Thanks. The bulbs are 2 Aqua Glo T8 18,000K bulbs. Says they're fish color enhancing bulbs but they make everything pop! Thank-you.
  13. Thanks! My daughter wanted to know why I was moving ROCKS to my new place which is right beside the lake. Well there's no way you're ever going to find ones like these laying on the beach!!! I've had them for about 10 years and they move when I move.
  14. Thank you! He's grown a lot since I got him and I picked up a new scale yesterday so will have to weigh him next water-change.
  15. I've had a lot of AC's (all sizes) over the years and gone thru a lot of power outages and have never had a problem with them when the power came back on. The water has always stayed in the filters and they just start up again. I do keep my water level very high so maybe that's what keeps them going great. They are usually on the high setting.
  16. Can't afford any more new plants so I dug around and found these colored rocks I had in my old 108gal. What do you guys think??? Kirby likes them.
  17. Your tank is very well done -lots of interest with the rocks but still oodles of room for your beautiful fish!
  18. So sorry to hear you lost him. You did your best for him. RIP little Podge.
  19. What a gorgeous oranda! He has a beautiful face.
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