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  1. What a sweet little pair. Can't wait to see them blossom!
  2. Great photos and awesome fish. Absolutely love Norm and Punkin! Good job.
  3. He's a sweet little fellow and is doing very well in your care! He's a chubby little munchkin now . Great job!
  4. Shoot, I messed up the video and can't get back to fix it!
  5. They don't share well - not food anyway! Told them they better get their 'issues' settled by the time I get home! And not to stress out the sitter while I'm gone. [ Cute little brats! /URL]
  6. Thank you! Sorry I missed replying to your post. The two of them have stopped with the chasing but they both nip at each other's fins occasionally , especially when food is involved! I am uploading a video and will post as soon as it is done. There is a lot more action in the tank as they are both worried that the other one might have found some FOOD among the rocks. So much fun to watch!
  7. Yah, Lisa told me to get the colander out if they didn't settle down but they must have heard her as they settled down before I had to give a time out! Thanks for the compliment on the tank! Hi Cheryl ,They have settled down quite a bit but they are far from best buds yet. LOL. I was worried about Casey getting his share of the food but it may be the other way around- Casey snapped up four pellets(don't know how he got them all in there) before Kirby got one and I was only going to give them 10 per day! Sorry you're not able to see the video - I was new to uploading from my I-pad so who knows what I may have done wrong!
  8. Yah, it is quite funny. He may be tiny but he's tough! There's still a bit if chasing going on but at least Kirby's doing a bit of the chasing now, too. I've turned all the lights out so they're in the dark now but I'm thinking about finding my little flashlight and checking on them in about 15 min. Pathetic, eh.
  9. Thanks Lisa. They have settled down pretty well now. By tomorrow they'll be best buds. I hope!
  10. Couldn't get the whole video to up-load so here's the beginning. What a bully you are, Casey!
  11. I did take a video but it's on my I-pad and I have no idea how to up-load it from here to a hosting site and then on to Koko's. I've only posted pics from my camera til now.
  12. Lol! Ok, I added Casey to the 55gal. and he's been chasing poor Kiirby around the tank for the last 15 min. non-stop and Kirby is pooped! He was hanging in the corner head down a bit and breathing heavy. I'd turned the light off but it only stopped Casey for a few minutes and then he was back at Kirby again. Then I got the bright idea to drop a few pellets in and as soon as they spied them Kirby turned around and nipped at Casey's tail fins and chased him. Now they're both busily hunting for pellets! OMG that was hilarious! I won't be watching any TV tonight cuz all the action is in the 55 gal!
  13. I like the plan, Alex and will follow your recommendations right away. I think I'm most comfortable with waiting til I get back to do another round of praziquantel as the cleaner I can leave the water for them the better. I will have my sitter feed them every second day and dose with prime then, too. Thanks so much!
  14. I am quite ok with salt dips, too Alex if you think that might be something to do before putting Casey in the 55 gal.
  15. Update for today. Casey is looking good! The white dot is totally gone and the spots on his tail may be a bit smaller but are definitely fading in color. I think I am comfortable with putting him in the 55 but need your guidance Alex. He's on day three of his 4th round of praziquantel so what do you suggest I do? Should I salt the 55 gal. To .1% ? I am not leaving til after lunch on Friday so will be able to do a water change Fri. Morning. Would like to have at least a day to observe Casey in the 55gal. to make sure he's able to get his share of the food, etc. Standing by, awaiting your instructions, Alex!
  16. An absolutely beautiful tank! Glad to see your final outcome was a success.
  17. Update for today. Casey's spot on his head is just a pinprick of white now and the spots on his tail are about the same as yesterday. They are more like thickened slime coat than a pimple like the one on his head was. He was acting a little stressed for a few days and did dash around the tank after his water change and dose of prazi yesterday but today he is calmer. Appetite is great. Thanks in advance guys! I think she would be ok with adding prime.
  18. I've been feeding them three times a day but was going to feed them once a day or every other day while I'm gone. I was a little worried about Casey as he's smaller and much slower than Kirby when it comes to food. How often do you think I should feed, Lisa?
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