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  1. Wow! What a beautiful girl. Great job of caring for her!
  2. I'm so sorry you lost little Chubcake. He was an awesome little guy.
  3. What an absolutely fantastic collection of fish you have! Look forward to watching them grow and breed. Keep us posted with lots of pics please!
  4. Maybe you'll be changing Wilbur's name to Wilhemina :<)
  5. Wow! Love your red and white oranda. You have some awesome fish!
  6. awesome fish! Congrats. You've done an excellent job on nursing him back to health!
  7. Awesome photography and fish! They are absolutely two of my favorite fishies! Thanks for sharing their cute antics with us.
  8. It never rains but it pours! Poor Taylor and poor you. Hopefully your tank is almost cycled and you get some time to relax! Lol.
  9. What an awesome little fish! Good luck to the two of you for a very boring qt. Can't wait to watch her grow so keep posting lots of pics!
  10. Great job of fish-keeping, Cheryl. I love that third pic of Dexter showing his chubby cheeks! Sending lots of healing vibes Valentino's way.
  11. Crown pearlies are such sweet looking fish! Yours is a real cutie and Lulu does kind of suit her.
  12. What a gorgeous little chu! You have access to some marvellous fish - I'm soooo envious!
  13. So glad to see she's on the mend! She's a little sweetheart .
  14. Wow, they're all beauties, but Max is totally awesome!
  15. It's a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl! Hugs to you Chelsea.
  16. Awesome tank and your goldfish are beauties. Love your idea for a space theme!
  17. Water parameters were all great when I got home Fri. and I did a 50% water change. Kirby and Casey were both looking good although I noticed Casey's white spots were still there. Today when I did a major clean on the tank I noticed Casey has a tear in his tail fin where the white spots are so I salted to .1% and added a dose of praziquantel to the tank. Anything else I should do? I'm leaving for 9 days on the 19th and want to make sure he'll be healthy enough to make out ok while I'm gone.
  18. Good luck with him! Sending lots of healing vibes your way.
  19. I'm so sorry for your loss. Must be devastating to have them go like that with no warning.
  20. Awwww! I am so jealous! Congrats on one adorable little chu.
  21. Welcome to Koko's! Love your big blue oranda!
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