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  1. hahahhahahahahha!!!! this is one of best posts i've seen all year!! so sneaky!!!!
  2. I'm wondering the same thing too. My oranda used to have a white (barely fuzzy) dot on her wen that did nothing for weeks. Then I did praziquantel treatment (treats flukes and doesn't mess with the cycle) for other reasons and the spot disappeared. I think the parasite acted like dirt. If someone could post a pic of wen growth, that'd be nice. Welcome, Kristin! I think goldfish look good in pairs. You could always upgrade and use your current tank as hospital/emergency tank. *nudge nudge* Goldfish are very sweet
  3. Um... you are WAY overstocked. But since they don't eat, I guess it's ok Nice job on the background! So lively!
  4. hahahhahah algae moustache!! so cute i don't have much but here's lil stories: i got a young male (<2in long) who always chases my queen (who is much larger) in the butt, even when she's not got eggs. sometimes my queen gets fed up with him, so she swims next to one of my males who is same color and size. the lil lad gets mixed up and starts butt nuzzling the big male. he realizes his after a few seconds, turns around and makes a mad (wobbly) dash to my queen on the other side of the tank. i've got another male, who is particularly smart and naughty (although probably not as smart as yours ). during feeding time, he'll sometimes use his body to hide uneaten pellets from view while he's still chewing what he's got. once, he tried to nip off a piece of spinach that another fish had hanging out of her mouth (she bit off more than she could chew). lastly, after i introduced a new food item that was too hard chew, he found out that pieces break off more easily when he spit them out rather than chew directly. so he spit - bit - spit - bit - spit it out. this was only the second time i gave'em this new food, and he already figured out a trick O.o lastly lastly, he sometimes sleeps his with head resting on a rock - so cute.
  5. I'm a big fan of Django Reinhardt - whom I just discovered about a year or two ago. Named the kiddies after his songs. Honeysuckle Rose - queen of the tank, rosey cheeks and SOOO cute Cloud Castle - cuz he's got a white belly and he's floaty... You Rascal - cuz he's so naughty, but very smart Festival - cuz she's very active and a basic orange fantail - like what may be a prize at a festival - she's such a good girl Baby Django- cuz he's the youngest, his actual name keeps changing cuz I haven't found one to fit him perfect, he's so adorable though
  6. I just started treatment for flukes again after about 6 months since the last treatment. And I'm wondering... shouldn't I be cleaning/treating the Python too???? Would it be alright if I clean the hose with water+bleach mix between every water change? by "clean" i mean run solution though the tube and soak the outside. The flukes just showed up again so soon.. I just wondered.... =_= sanitary overkill?
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