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  1. I'm looking for a 3-5 inch calico oranda with good head growth. Anyone selling or know of a good place to buy online? I've checked with Steve from Rain Garden and a few other smaller stores but they're pretty rare. Appreciate your feedback! Many thanks, Perkin
  2. Got it! I understand now. I still have to get a scale - the idea of weighing a fish out of water is out in left field for me, but when I come around to it, I know I should do it! For now, it's been 3-5 Progold or Hikari lionhead pellets for each fish, twice a day feedings. They're all about 3.5-4 inches so that makes it a bit easier to avoid over/under feeding. They are happy but I will experiment with attention to not overfeed. Thanks a bunch.
  3. Thanks, Alex. I don't think I asked the question correctly - so guaranteed 40% protein depends on how many pellets one feeds, right? I'm thinking of our own nutrition facts - OJ gives you 100% vitamin C with one 8oz cup. So what's the serving size to get that 40% protein for Pro Gold? I hope I'm making sense!
  4. Hi all, This might sound like a dumb question, but can someone explain the "min. Protein" percentages on various foods to me? For example, ProGold says it's 40% protein, so does that mean each pellet contains 40% protein? Or cubes of Hikari bloodworms, it says only min. 6% protein but yet it's recommended for wen growth. How should I interpret these percentages? Many thanks, Perkin
  5. All, I've always been a tropical fish/discus person but half a year ago started taking a deep passion for fancy goldfish. Many members here have contributed to my success so far in maintaining pristine water conditions, providing the proper diet, and setting up the right environment for the three pigs you see below. I thought I post this picture (it's been a challenge taking pics on my phone since they're non-stop!) and say a huge thank you for everyone who's helped me. -Perkin
  6. Rookie question - I'm thinking about removing most of my gravel in a 45g tank (3 fish - 1 lionhead, 1 oranda, 1 pearlscale) and was wondering what kind of pots folks use to "stabilize" their plants. I have 3 stalks of anubias, some swords, and a few banana plants but don't want to tie them to driftwood. What kind of pots are aquarium safe? (Links to amazon or other stores would be most helpful) I would imagine that once I have a pot, I'd use some gravel or bigger pebbles to fill the gaps. Any advice welcomed. Many thanks, Perkin
  7. All, I've had 3 fish in a 45g that was cycled about 3 months ago. All water conditions are consistent great and I've been good with WCs. Unfortunately I've had some compatibility issues with ranchus. My first three fish were a ranchu, a lionhead, and a pearlscale. All three are around 3-3.5 inches and for the same LFS so I figure they are roughly the same age and have similar upbringings. The ranchu basically "beat the crap" out of the lionhead, who's a gentle giant. I finally gave away the ranchu and decided to get a smaller one, hoping that a baby that's 1.5 inches will be mellow. It turns out he was aggressive too, chasing around the pearlscale and nipping at his fins any chance he can get. Has anyone else experienced aggressive behavior like this? I can't imagine I'm overstocking, so it is something in the water? Many thanks, Perkin
  8. Happy Friday! I've read a lot about people's feeding schedules and routines here, and many have a fasting day once or twice a week to prevent overfeeding, constipation, and other digestive issues. Have you found this to be helpful? If I'm providing a balanced diet and my fish (knock on wood) haven't had bloating or constipation issues, would fasting a day or too be necessary? I've read a lot about how goldfish can go through days without eating, and hungry goldfish are healthy goldfish...just curious whether a fasting day really works wonders to "clean things out" of their system. Many thanks, PC
  9. What is your feedback? I started trying it and they seem to like it. I figure its frozen brine shrimp with some greens - can't hurt right? Thoughts? Many thanks...
  10. Hi all, My 45g tank finally cycled a month ago and I'm enjoying my new babies - a 3.5 inch lionhead, a 3 inch calico ranchu, and a 1.5 inch baby black ranchu. I really want a fourth member and have been looking at either an oranda or a butterfly telescope. Do you folks think that will be too crowded? I read about the 10-15 gallon rule and four might be pushing it. Will it be ok as long as I'm consistent with WCs and provide sufficient filtration? (I hope I do with two Tetra Whisper EX70, set up with DNALEX's recommended approach) Thanks, Perkin
  11. By the way, tithra, may I ask where you bought Hashi and Edie? They're absolutely GORGEOUS and I've been struggling to find "special" orandas with beautiful fins and "veiltail"-like tails. Thanks, Perkin
  12. Yea we don't have much in Orange County. Tong's has always been my go-to place for tropical fish and plants; I fully trust them but their goldfish selection is terrible haha...compared to tropical and saltwater anyway. I got these two from a place called C K Aquarium in Alhambra/Rosemead area. You really have to venture into Asian territories to get more exotic breeds. This place had varieties that even Rain Garden or other online sites don't carry, so I had to buy!! I'll let you know how they turn out, and whether they're healthy fish.
  13. Thank you! I'll put them in after this post! The two are actually from a fish store about an hour from me, but I just haven't seen any fish breathe so rapidly in the bag. I feel better now about the pH jump. Thanks again.
  14. Thanks, neighbor! Did you notice any rapid breathing? That's the part I'm most worried about really.
  15. Hi all! Early Happy New Year. I brought home two new members to the tank - a lionhead and a crown pearlscale - and having not bought new fish for awhile, I might have violated some basic acclimating 101 rules. I've floated the bag from the LFS for about half a hour. I then poured in about quarter cup tank water every half hour. It's been about 3 hours now since they've been home, then I noticed one thing - both are breathing very rapidly. I read that this could be due to shock, which led me to test the pH between the bag water and the tank water. Bingo! pH in the tank is at 7.6 (same as tap), while pH in the bag is right at 7.0. Now this is after 3 hours of pouring in tank water every 30 minutes, which may suggest that the original pH was even lower than 7.0. What do you recommend as my next step? Keep "dripping" tank water in? How long before I put my new friends into the tank? Thanks, Perkin
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