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  1. oooooooooops so sorry, I meant food stupid phone' keyboard
  2. Hi friends I read that fish needs protein in their diet and it helps them to grow faster and get roundier I can't and don't want to feed them dry food, I can't find good ready food here and because of my situation I can't grow worm or hatch shrimp either I prefer veggie protein but they say fish can't digest them, for example beans is there any other veggies with good amount of protein in it? or fish can't digest veggie protein at all?
  3. Hi Is there such thing as "too much veggie foot"? I don't mean overfeeding lately I'm feeding my fish more veggies. like everyday. peas, lettuce, carrot, etc.. I feed them dry foot in the morning, veggies at noon and dry food or those foods that stays on water (green and red) (dont know the name) at night I can feel the difference, they are more playful, more colorful and even wounds get better faster is it ok if I replace night meal with veggies too?
  4. my background is my window curtain at nights
  5. thank you for replies and suggestions you guys scared me to be honest I've never tested my water, i mean i never needed to. my goldies are always healthy. as i said, not even a swim problem except one time i accidentally over fed them I was planing to get a 700liters/2meters tank. I think I should hurry because of my problem (I have muscular dystrophy) i can't do aqua maintains every day or week. I needed a system to do all the work automatically aquaponic does that for me a power pump sucks all the waste to the container on the tank and clean water goes back and I just do 25% water change a week or 50% every other week so far it's doing great but as other guys said it seems i"m gonna face a disaster so probably change of plan i had a gold algae eater and it killed one of my fish :-( i kinda hated it after that, gave it to my friend but my pleco is a good guy, never had any problem with it. he keeps cleaning the surface of the glass and the wood yeah I wanted to mention that, I meant no fake filter, it's how nature works and one question how do i know how many fish is enough for how many plants? what do you mean? I have 2 thanks again and sorry for bad english
  6. looks great plants look almost real
  7. Hi everyone how many liters/gallons water do you need for a goldfish? I keep 12 fish (8 of them are goldfish) in 130 liters water with no filter miracle. huh? and no, i don't torture them. with my aquaponic system they live great with no problem. not even a swim problem I have them for almost 2 years now here it is http://img4.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=5_1503.jpg I'll upload more pic later and sorry for bad quallty. shot it with my phone
  8. I don't fast them too instead i use more vegetable in their meals to keep the thing going
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