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  1. I wonder if they will like this just the same.
  2. Also, the Aqueon runs a lot less 'sturdy' than the python, which explains the price difference. I have owned both, and the Aqueon did not last me even a year with proper care, whereas the python has lasted a couple now. I think this is due to the aqueon being made of lower-quality parts than it was in the past.
  3. Amazing work, and an even more amazing find! A few extra bloodworms and some TLC later, and you will really have to post more photos of this beautiful old fish!
  4. Awesome. And you're welcome! QT-ing or disinfecting anything that goes into your tank is a really good habit to get into, no matter how impatient (my name goes next to that definition) you are.
  5. I had it all wrong! I assumed that the bloodworm protein would be like a steak for a human -- takes a while to digest. I'm glad to know it's digested quickly. Since most days I only feed bloodworms and Soilent Green, it won't matter as much. But when I feed pellets, I'll be sure to feed them as the last meal of the day. Thanks for the input! Bloodworms are a pretty decent laxative, honestly. For mine, I carefully controlled the diet over a couple of months to see if there was any change in poop type, size, or quality based on when I fed the pellets. I had the best poop feeding them in the evening. If I fed them in the morning, I would have long and bubbly poop the next morning. At night meant that the poops would be short and uniform with little to no bubbling.
  6. A mix of gel-Repashy, ProGold and frozen bloodworms is what I feed my pond crew. Totally agree! (btw, this was last posted in in 2014) I just have to say that I don't see any negative in bringing back old posts (I've been semi-scolded before here too) especially if the material is good. As long as the poster isn't expecting an immediate health response or something it can be fun to see old threads rehashed and gives continuity. Never know what you've missed especially if you're relatively new to the place. I am just going by forum guidelines.
  7. I personally believe that the time of day does matter, especially with what kind of food you are feeding. Both Jared and I experimented with this in the past. I don't remember his results, but I think mine were this: Bloodworms: Digest quickly, and are a good laxative. Gel food: Digests quickly, but not quite as much due to fiber. Pellets: Slower digesting. You feed the fastest-digesting stuff first thing in the morning, so that you don't have it stuck behind slower-digesting food creating gas. The gel makes a good lunch, since the fiber will digest a bit slower. And then come dinner you feed the pellets, so they can take all night to digest.
  8. I use plastic netting with large holes, like the stuff you get oranges in.
  9. I would suggest attempting to teach Rhonda to hand-feed. This would make it easier to feed him/her, while Slate can just go about cleaning up the bottom of the tank like normal.
  10. I was more thinking about your jars, and how you defended them. The fish are going to get big, not understand that they are big, and attempt to enter a space that is too small. I understand that you have removed them, but this is my way of saying "This is why people were concerned." and "The future really isn't that far away, so please plan accordingly." It's good that you have a plan to upgrade within the year. Heck... I have had fish that made a 40B look like a freshman dorm room, so I'm more than glad.
  11. I would just like to post my video here to offer you a bit of insight as to what a year can do for a goldfish, and where I believe everyone's coming from with their worries. I understand you have your fish in a 30 gallon, however I am just providing this for an understanding of what the fish will be, instead of what they currently are. (Please note that you don't have to use sound with the video, as it is just a bunch of music.)
  12. Yep, if the genetics are on your side. There are also things you can feed to help the wen go along, like frozen bloodworms. (not freeze-dried!) They will also help with the higher protein needs of young fish, as well as with healthy growth.
  13. Even young orandas will often exhibit a layer of wen. Just look for that jelly-like layer both along the top of the head and on the face. It doesn't have to be a full-on raspberry wen to be an oranda.
  14. Subscribing, to me, has allowed me to form an even better relationship with the members of the community. The Subscriber's Forums are definitely a place that you get to know everyone. I wouldn't cancel my membership unless I had to, simply because of how close I have grown to the subbie community. I currently have no goldfish, and still won't cancel! It also allows for faster answers to any fish issues. (via the 911 Emergency Help) This has proved invaluable a few different occasions. To me, it's worth the $70.00/year. Much better than a magazine subscription.
  15. Yes, we call that a bare bottom tank. They are perfectly okay. In fact, there are many people on here who prefer them.
  16. A mix of gel-Repashy, ProGold and frozen bloodworms is what I feed my pond crew. Totally agree! (btw, this was last posted in in 2014)
  17. From what I have seen of them, they are aggressive and like to tear things up. I probably wouldn't keep them myself, but they are pretty.
  18. Lots of tiny fish, and some snails. Seriously, Daniel is right when he says large schools of tiny fish are beautiful. With a good plantscape, it would look like a forest with birds and groundlife. My favorite inspiration tank is this one:
  19. Were the fish from the same place and the same tank when you got them? If no, I would QT the BN separately.
  20. I probably wouldn't go for the caulk remover if there's any chance it would get on the caulk you don't want gone. If you're careful, maybe. A fresh, sharp razor blade is probably your best bet.
  21. This^(Unless you are talking about me personally lol) Nah. I was replying to the OP.
  22. The pupil is likely the same size on both sides, but there is some black coloration around it that makes it look larger.
  23. She has all her contact information on her website.
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