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  1. Maybe! My blue betta does the same thing, and I didn't know why. Maybe it is the blue background.
  2. Well, you've all convinced me. I already have a hole and two layers of bricks (for a semi-raised pond with a liner), but now I think I'll move the pond to another location and use a stock tank. This way the pond can be bigger too. : ) Shukura, I look forward to seeing your pond. : )
  3. I'm a newbie to fish, but I thought bettas needed room at the top for oxygen?
  4. Nice! When I'm ready, I'll be contacting you. I saw a picture once of a raised koi pond with a couple tiles that had koi sculptures on them. I'm working on a raised pond, and one of your sculptures would look beautiful on it. When I'm done, I'll have a better idea about where it could go, and I can show it to you for ideas too.
  5. Very cute! I'm in Sac too. I haven't made it to Exotic Aquarium yet. I'll have to check it out when I'm able to have more goldies.
  6. Here's where all our aquarium plants eventually end up. I think I actually heard our betta say, "enough is enough!" today.
  7. I give up. I've tried many plants, and the Anubias are the only ones with leaves too thick for my goldfish to eat. They still pick at the roots and will often get them unglued or untied from the rocks though. Little rascals.
  8. Beautiful tank--the plants and the occupants!
  9. I used to have all the Pothos in plastic "sponge caddies" and the Lucky Bamboo in pots inside the tank (with the leaves extending outside the tank). But then I read that most people had success with Nitrate reduction when their plants were inside the filters. I had moved the plants to the filters, added Purigen, and began feeding my goldfish less when I noticed a reduction in Nitrates, so I'm not sure if a combination helped or if one thing helped the most. (I learned that I was feeding my fish way too much.) I'm looking forward to when all the Pothos trail down the outside back of the tank. : ) PS Ms. Jenny: The big Lucky Bamboo came from Green Acres Nursery in Folsom. They had a bunch of pretty bamboo at great prices in their "home decor" section.
  10. Thanks! It's fun to share here. Since I've become interested in goldfish, I haven't met anybody in person yet who has goldfish. : ) We just got our goldfish about five months ago. I'm guessing they were a month old because they were about an inch and a half, and one of them was still silver.
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