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  1. Update time! The oldest fry are 2-3 months old. I'm not sure which batch they're from exactly, as I had a lot of die off. These two are the biggest, as they have the ten gallon all to themselves. Their growth could have been much higher if the tank had a proper heater but I let it slide and kept the cheap heater in there. This guy is a healthy little porker. The dorsal fin looks ragged but it's actually just missing pigment. Looks like it may be going though a color change. And his/her sibling, Stumpy. Who has no tail and I didn't have the heart to cull. Time will tell if this little fighter will make it but he has so far! I also have the red tub chock FULL of babies but their growth rate is much slower. I'm seeing that the heat really plays a role in the growth rate. Also I do believe that the fish in the 10 gallon died off due to less water changes. I was afraid of temperature fluctuation shock. The fry in the tub were easier to change the water, as I keep a second tub full of fresh water that's room temp and just pour a bucket in every day. There is much less die-off in the tub.
  2. Ohhh! I would love one!!! Congrats on the eggs and beautiful fish you have there too.
  3. Oh my gosh! I never knew goldfish could even do that to each other!!! That's terrible! So sorry for what happened. The little guy is in my thoughts and I wish you the best of luck.
  4. Just wanted to update. I'll get new pics soon. The babies are doing great and I still have hundreds upon hundreds of them! The majority that are in the tub can't have a heater and I'm noticing their growth rate is much slower. I've added a light and tons more plants to the tank and the fish seem to love picking at them. The babies from the first batch now have dorsal fins and I can pick out a few single tails. I don't know if these will be comet goldies or fancies with bad fins. *shrug* Time will tell. I've also noticed that a couple have bent spines and deformities on their gill plates or stomachs. These I'll just leave for now but if they live I'll probably cull them ( if my bf doesn't beg me to let him have them, he likes the weird ones. lol )
  5. It's prazi powder. I'm dosing a few tanks. Namely the 55g and the 45g. I have vodka to dissolve the powder but I'm not sure how much powder to use in the first place.
  6. Ok, my prazi came today and it's only dosed to like a zillian gallons ( pond use )! Can someone share what the proper dosages are for aquariums?
  7. There should be some orandas. The mother was a red-cap oranda and the fathers were either ryukin or oranda ( my nicest males ). The mom was a chain store fish but the dad's were from a quality, privately owned LFS with some nice fish so I hope to have some gorgeous babies. You're welcome to have whatever you like! I plan to send what fry I can't find homes for to the good fish stores that I know will take good care of them. I'm lucky because there's two within a reasonable driving distance that I visit frequently. Thank you all. I will keep this updated with plenty of pics. I can't wait to see how they turn out and their colors! One father was a black oranda with some nice wen that's going to cover his entire face and be huge. The other male is my favorite red and white short tailed ryukin with a really nice round shape. He's so wobbly and cute. I'm hoping for calico orandas too, as I think one of the batches of eggs was fertilized by one of my calico ryukins and even a comet. So there should be a variety!
  8. LOL. I dunno, then we couldn't see all those cute little babies. And we'd have to hear the ladies start complaining from being bloated and having weight gain on the IUD! Here's the promised pics. I used a better camera today. This is the bin I have a BUNCH in Closer look And the fry in the tank ( they're older fry but in two different age groups. I dumped the white bowl I had the first fry into the tank to mingle ) So cute!! I can see double tails really easily now.
  9. Awww..lovely fish and congrats! I, too, have fry right now and it's such a joy! I worry every day that I'll lose them all or I'm not doing something right, etc etc. You know..I don't have a pearscale yet... *wink-wink* If you have a ton to find homes for a few months from now, I'd love to buy one!
  10. Thank you! Your comments on the forum are always making me laugh btw. ( That is SO not me being a creepy lurker ) I'll update with more pics soon. The first round of babies are getting bigger. I lost a few for unknown reasons. I dunno if this is just normal or I have some sort of a problem but I have praziquantel powder on the way and I plan to worm every tank I have including the fry. I'm also running out of Hikari First Bites. I fed that and frozen baby brine shrimp. I have decapsulated brine shrimp eggs on the way too and I plan to see how those work out for feeding. Marshmallow is spawning again. The boys are chasing her all over as I type. Does anyone know if this is normal? She's on overdrive. I swear she's spawned like close to 10 times.
  11. I've never had anything like this happen but a quick google search points to gas bubble disease? Here's some links: http://www.theaquariumwiki.com/Gas_Bubble_Disease http://www.petmd.com/fish/conditions/cardiovascular/c_fi_gas_bubble_disease Here's the one on this forum: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/73881-bubbles-inside-fins/ Ahh, Jenny beat me by seconds! I hope the fish turn out okay...
  12. I found a forum with this "jane' woman. Seems to me it's real but..I dunno. I don't want to believe it! Ahhh!
  13. This has to be a joke. Has to be. Does anyone know for sure if this is serious or not? 'Cause if it's not a joke it's insane.
  14. Beautiful angels. I love how regal they look when they get that big. Is that a guppy I see in there, too!? Lol. Poor little guy.
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