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  1. You definitely have to get one Koko!!!
  2. They are such GREAT fish!!!! I just LOVE him!!!!
  3. Hi Myra!!! Hope Mary is doing well!!! Last week I decided I wanted a fish for my 55. I went to the LFS and got a BP!!!! I LOVE him or her!!! Everyone in the tank gets along GREAT!!! Yay!!! It's always a hit & miss with Cichlid's!!! She eats just fine with the rest of them!!! I will get some picture's soon!!!
  4. What do you mean what was I thinking??? I didn't know I changed my name to DawnMuchele??? LOL!!!! LOL!!!
  5. Those look cool!!! My nail girl did her daughters nails in blue with turquoise glitter!!! They looked really pretty!!!
  6. Thanks Mandy!!! They are expensive!!! I get them done once a month. Not too bad!!!
  7. I had my nail's done with glitter
  8. Hi Netta. Hope you had a good day. I have had Big Boy for 4 years. He is so much fun!!! He does get grumpy if I do something in his tank he doesn't like. LOL!!!
  9. I hope Bayana & Star do great and you have a wonderful time Myra!!!
  10. Hello Netta. Hope you had a nice day. After losing so many Goldfish one after the other I decided they weren't for me. I had too many problems with them. I decided instead of just giving up I would get into keeping tropical fish. I just LOVE my Cichlid's!!! They are so colorful & lots of fun!!!! My favorite is my Oscar Big Boy. I got him when he was about 4 inches & he is now over 12 inches. He is so much fun!!!! He is ALWAYS rearranging the tank. LOL!!!! If it wasn't for Goldfish I would never would have made all the great friends I have made here!!! 55 gallon Cichlid tank Big Boy
  11. I bet he's having fun. Mommy is. LOL!!! I have doggies. They are my kid's. I use to keep Goldfish. I lost them all to dropsy one after the other. I decided to go tropical. I have a 125 with my Oscar Big Boy. He has lots of personality & he is BI!!!. I have a 55 with Cichlid's. LOVE THEM!!!!
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