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  1. Welcome, I am looking forward to seeing more pictures of your beautiful goldfish!
  2. I call him King Ryukin Here is my 4 year old wakin I stink at taking pictures and I have a great camera on my Galaxy Note II!
  3. I do agree to a point, the tank is 6 feet long and 2.5 feet tall, its huge it might even be a 120, not sure. My next project in the next few months is to custom build a tank, I have a buddy in my local fish club that builds tanks, this one I have in mind will occupy an entire wall on my enclosed sun porch that can be temperature controlled year round. My dream tank, it is going to be 250-300 gallons, the ultimate tank. My buddy will help me build it for free, I just have to buy the materials, I will hook him up with lots of free coffee
  4. Hes gonna go grow into a nice big oranda! Nice
  5. I have 9 goldfish in a 100 Gallon, however I have a 30 gallon sump that pumps 800 GPH, I also finally finished my project that I got from Urajoey on youtube and I have a continuous drip system from a RO unit, about 30 gallons gets changed every day. I also do a 80% water change every 6 days. I did this on a very small budget, being in my new house and everything, I spent about $150 on this project instead of buying a new tank and and filter system. You could have 5 goldfish in a 55, however I would only do so with daily water changes and a great filtration system.
  6. Really nice, I wanna do something like that with drift wood, I love that in your tank! I gotta try to find treated driftwood, I don't want to boil the crap out of drift wood, no time or patience for that lmao.
  7. I stick the other end of the water changer in the toilet and let gravity take out the water , I have no issues with vaccuming the gravel. Then I hook it back up to the sink to refill the tank.
  8. Maybe when my business slows down and I can hire more people I will get more ambitious and try this. I would really like to make a tank wide and long, not to deep like the one in the video.
  9. That tank is a monster! Awesome!
  10. O I wish I lived near you, I am upgrading my Tropheus tank and you have so many that would be perfect : ( blows lol
  11. The shipping is expensive but his fish are so nice. I'm fortunate that I have a great Job and its not a determent for me. I think Steve from RG takes a little hit on shipping to make it more affordable for us. Shipping is so expensive now a days.
  12. Very nice, with time and good food they will grow very nice. : )
  13. Just finished his QT cycle and added to the main tank. This is guy is awesome. I won a butterfly as well but the little butthead wont cooperate with the camera! You can kinda see the butterfly in the back round
  14. Of course I need more to, but I would like to see if this will help lower my nitrates that are typically 20-30 ppm. I got this Aqua clear 50 on sale at petco and with my reward coupons and only paid 25 bucks for it!
  15. Although dojo loaches do increase the bio load of the tank, with my wet drys that is not really a problem. I love loaches and o man they keep the bottom of the tank really really clean. It is ridicoulous, no food what so ever gets caught under my plants, they get everything!
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