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  1. I agree ! And it's fish cold and tropical , dogs , cats , rabbits ! Everything you want on one forum perfect if you ask me and it saves lives which is amazing how that can be done over the Internet !
  2. Looks good ! How about a bright orange ranchu ?
  3. Yep , I'd go for long bodied blue oranda ! I like the long bodied ones ! They just look more natural to me
  4. Nls is pretty good although pellets are quite big
  5. Patchy - 2.9 years old - fair fish And Blacky - Lfs fish - 4.6 years old Both <3 Ages are the time I've had them
  6. haha me too! very nice goldie cant wait to see what she transforms intoMe too !Cute
  7. Really pretty Goldie tank looks massive Good luck in college
  8. Whatever room temperature. Gets pretty cold in the winter and fairly warm in the summer. My fish cope with it well and it's natural for them.
  9. Aww cute , I love griffin his face is adorable
  10. Cozmo Cheeto Just my ideas haha , pretty fish btw !
  11. Aww , they are a cute couple I love his wen !
  12. Wow , loads of space How big is it ?
  13. If your not sure it would probably just be safer to buy one ( online or in store ) as they are cheap and you definitely know its safe.
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