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  1. Nice to see you and your guys again! :D The tanks and fish look lovely! I don't know anything about guppies, but yours look gorgeous :3

    And of course, you know I love Blacky and Patchy :D

    Just curious, how big is Blacky now?

    Thank you. Yeah they are cheeky goldfish ! I don't know exactly but probably 6/7 inches with his tail. :)

  2. Heyyy , I haven't been on in ages so thought I would just show you the tanks to get started again

    I still have Blacky and Patchy; Blacky is now 5 years old and Patchy is 4. They are both older than that but that's how long I have had them.

    Unfortunately my guppy tank caught a disease so I restarted the tank and I know have 4 guppies. Crimson,Coral,Pinky and Maroon.


    The goldfish tank


    New plants. Anubias on wood and moss ball






    The guppy tank


    The guppy tank side view

    Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading x

  3. Your fish are cute! I did not know they sell Nutrafin in England..

    Thank you ! Yes they do :)

    Awe, they are cuties! I'm guessing they're all male? Guppies are starting to grow on me- I'd love to get some one day. :P

    The tank setup is very cute. I usually think fake plants look kind of tacky, but yours works well with the sand :) How many gallons is that?

    Thanks , yep all males because I dont have room for babies :P

    I thought that but it works and is very easy !

    Only 5 gallons ( v small) but it works well :)

  4. Hi guys !

    Some of you may remember when I first got the small guppy tank ...

    Well things have changed ... I no longer have live plants as they were dying and brought in snails :/

    Unfortunately I Lost one , I don't know why :(

    But I cleaned and revamped today so thought I would share














    Had to keep this little one :)

    If anyone knows what snail he is I would appreciate it


  5. It doesn't stop them from foraging but it limits it. My goldfish are so much happier sifting through the gravel , plants etc

    . Just my :twocents

    I appreciate that answer :) , would you mind elaborating on what 'limits'? it's been 4 hours since my vid & they're still foraging

    I just mean that when i had my fish in qt in a barebottom tank with a few plants they ''foraged'' around for a while after lunch but then got bored whereas with gravel/sand/bottom covered they always have lots of places to forage in the whole tank including plants and ornaments. I just believe that our responsibility as fish owners is to try and make there environment as natural as possible. I have single tailed variety's though so maybe that leads me to that.

    I am in no way though saying that barebottom tanks can't work while being mentally stimulating to fish as well like in your tank they have got plants and plant roots. But not every case of barebottom tanks include natural things for the fish to explore.

    I hope that made sense ..

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