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  1. I don't have this heater but maybe the heating elements inside got banged around idk much about heaters but when i store mine i wrap mine in bubble wrap because im afraid to break the glass and cushion any hard blows to the inside elements

    Thank you, it may have been this although it was stored in its original package so would be a shame. Thanks for your help

  2. Welcome back and Blacky and Patchy are getting big :)


    Thank you and i agree very big haha


    Welcome back!!!!!


    Thank you! :)

    Hello and Welcome back.  

    I don't know, I don't see a video. :(  I bet your goldfish get bigger though. :)

    I'm sorry for the loss of your guppies.  

    Enjoy your nice long Summer and have fun with your new tank setup.

    Thank you, don't know why you can't see the video the link works for me :s oh well yes especially Blacky!! I will keep you posted on the new tank!!
  3. Hello everyone!

    I haven't been on for a (long) while as I've recently completed my GCSEs. Now I'm on an extra long summer break and I will be more regular on koko's again :)

    Black and patchy are still growing strong and are still keeping me up at night with their constant gravel chucking and knocking the thermometer on the glass for attention, I have never known a fish so interactive as Blacky!

    Their tank is quite dull at the moment and soon I will be buying some fresh plants soon although they won't last long with my two haha!

    I don't know if anyone will remember but I did also have a small guppy tank. Unfortunately the guppies passed away some time ago, quite unexplained.

    I am going to buy a bigger tank for the games room and start a new tropical tank and I am just working out what to stock and compatability as i am quite new to tropicals but this is exciting for me :)

    Here is a short video of Blacky and Patchy in their tank as good pictures are near to impossible haha!


    Posted Image

  4. Thank you Chelsea M. Got it covered now

    As for the parasites. Are some free floating in the water ?

    If so I could use a microscope to view a water sample.

    Yes, ich is free floating in the water. That is their theront stage. That stage is the the one that is killed with salt snd Heat so they can not reproduce. The adult trophont stage also free swims after it falls off of the fish. If the fish is in the main tank, the whole tank will need to be treated. Please fill out the form so we can have a better understanding of your set up.
    Thank you Mikey. I will view a water sample.

    After some research I now understand how to treat my tank so this thread can be discontinued. It was more of a impulse worry post oops :S !

  5. How would you take a swab/sample of a goldfish scale/body area if there are parasites on the body?

    If it is easily done it would be very interesting to look under a microscope


  6. Beautiful fish! Blacky is stunning! :D

    Thank you :thumb:

    Your fish are wonderful! They are so big :)

    Thank you so much, yes they have grown so much hehe ! :D


    Thank you :D

    Blacky is beautiful! What kind of goldfish is Blacky?

    Thank you :laugh: From what I can remember he was just labelled as a black comet I think haha !

  7. Amazing fishies!!!

    Thank you !! :)

    I! It's so good to see you and your fish. They both look great but Blacky is incredible. I hope you had a good summer.

    Thank you, he is a stunner isn't his :heart

    :hi It has been awhile since you've been on. Your fish look great. How awesome is that to have your fish for 4 and almost 6 years. They are beautiful. :)

    Thank you. Yes it's amazing and Blacky was the first fish I ever bought :)
  8. Hi, don't know if anyone will remember my fish( haven't been on for ages ) but it's just an update of Blacky and Patchy!

    I have now had Blacky for 5 years 7 months and Patchy for 4 years but they are both older however I just use since when I got them :)



    He's got big



    After !






  9. awesome tanks :)

    how big is the guppy tank? :)

    Thank you :P umm about 5 gallons only small ! :)

    Very nice! :)

    Thanks you :) :)

    awesome tanks :)

    how big is the guppy tank? :)

    Thank you :P umm about 5 gallons only small ! :)

    Very nice! :)

    Thanks you :) :)
  10. Your tank's and fish look great!!!

    Thanks :)

    Awww, all of your fish are so cute. :D

    I love Blacky's coloration! It's quite rare to find a comet with such a rich, velvety black color like that. :wub:

    Thank you. Yeah he's had it all his life so I'm pretty sure he's not gonna lose it aswell :heart

    What beautiful fish!! I am always enamored by black single tails, you hardly ever see them. Thanks for updating. :)

    Thank you !! I know I never see any around me anymore :( He was the first fish I ever bought :)
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