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  1. Gorgouse fish you have there !
  2. there is praziquantel available to you in the UK.. i am pretty sure they call it flukesolve in the UK there is praziquantel available to you in the UK.. i am pretty sure they call it flukesolve in the UK Another very good alternative, made by the same company, is called Wormer Plus. I have heard of wormer plus and emailed the man about it . Fluke solve I'd stronger but I have heard bad things about fluke solve . ? Thanks for your help I'm getting him a separate hanging basket for feeding time . I'm going to give him 3-4 small meals a day ( 3 soaked pellets , bloodworms etc ) I will probably order some wormer plus
  3. Thanks . I don't have praziquantel in the u.k and the other two are perfectly ok but maybe I will just as a precaution .
  4. Any food ideas ??? He has got 3 soaked pellets today . What shall he get tomorrow roughly how much ? Also has anyone think this could be something else as he has always been like this and healthy for a year !
  5. Thanks for the quick reply . It's a problem him being so skinny and I'm trying to fatten him up . Have you got any ideas on good foods for this ? I might get a floating fish hanger to keep him separate for feeding but he is great friends with my other fish and I don't think he would like being alone.i do clean the gravel thoroughly every water change . I might order some wormer plus . He was a fair fish so they probably get the bad batch if you know what I mean . I hate to see him so skinny . Thank you for the info I will find out some good foods and bloodworms .
  6. Tap water Ammonia tap 0ppm Nitrite tap 0ppm Nitrate tap 0ppm Seems to have perked up a bit with the light on but something is not right . Vid http://i1325.photobucket.com/albums/u637/I-goldfish/39c87b77b9804e30e7aa461c048583e7_zps6d7d152f.mp4
  7. Ok will do Here is 2 pics , video won't upload
  8. He also has a deformed mouth the corners go in instead of out but he has always been that way and does eat because I make sure of it . He tries to swim get up and falls down
  9. Test results for the following. Ammonia (tank) 0ppm Nitrite (tank) 0ppm Nitrate (tank) 5 ppm Ammonia (tap) n/a Nitrite (tap)n/a Nitrate (tap)n/a Ph level tank 8 Ph lever tap n/a Other required info Brand of test kit - api master test kit drops Filters -Unsure but do the right lph What kind of water additives or conditioners ? Nutrafin aqua plus Water temperature ? 19 degrees c How often do you change the water and how much ? 2x a week 75% How many days ago was the last water change and how much ? Yesterday 60% Tank size , how long has it been running ? 26 gallons 2 months How many fish in tank and size ? 3 3inch What do you feed your fish , how often ? Tetra granules soaked , bloodworms , kale etc. 1x a day Any new fish added ? No Any medications ? No List previous issues ? None Any unusual finding on fish ? No and other 2 are completely healthy List entire medication treatment . None Specky is a shubunkin who has been bottom sitting and breathing slowly . He has always been very thin but healthy . I tried to fatten him up but he would not put on weight and if he got fed too much he would go floating bit nothing major . The 2 other fish are fine . It's like he tries to swim up but he just can't. Nothing visual .ni know you will say to small of tank but it's what my bedroom allows and I keep parameters perfect and do 2x a week water changes . Nitrates never go above 25 and no cycle bump ammonia or nitrite . Thanks for helping I will post pics and a vid shortly just having to get them done .
  10. Oh cool . I'm always learning stuff on her and I like yellow so win win haha . Thanks btw
  11. Yes I was only gonna give them a bit as a treat . Guess it doesn't help with orange colour then maybe I just thought that because of the name lol ! Change of topic but for homemade gel food do you need to put mutivitamins in it ? ( got the orange idea from tithra33 YouTube channel where I saw edie eating orange ) Thanks Thanks Thanks , my fish is not actually changing colour I just wondered if anything helps orange colour as I have heard spirulina does and cArotene , maybe it's not true . Yes I will probably just do that ! Thanks
  12. I have heard that oranges are good for goldfish and help with orange colours . I have not got a vegi clip but i wondered how do you feed this without getting orange juice going everywhere ? May sound silly but has always puzzled me ! Thanks .
  13. She is very bright ! Looks like she has so much personality to give ! X
  14. I believe Ted Judy will ship to the UK. Thanks but who is ted judy ??
  15. Blackŷ would totally thrive out there lol he is tough cookie , once he got stuck in a ornament and lasted all night in there !! Patchy might be ok . Specky would be gone in a short time he is just to gentle . Blacky
  16. Thank you . That looks a good website !
  17. I know you have probably got this sorted but just to let you know I had this tank and filter and if the filter gets unplugged or turned off in any way it takes ages to come back on , sometimes days . It is a rubbish filter in reliability so I would always have a spare one in case . !
  18. Ok thanks . I will just use the forums ones then ! Sorry koko !
  19. Thanks , yeh i guess it is Raingardens fish are so beautiful. i usually get my fish from watermarque . Pets at home is a no go for me to just to the fact that they say 3 goldies in a 1o litre tank
  20. Not sure if this topiic is up so if it is I'm sorry . Is there any online places that sell quality goldfish to the uk ?? Thanks
  21. What is that your typing... its very strange and I keep seeing it.. the strange ?? with black around it... On my keyboard on my iPad it's a emotion ( smiley face ) but I guess it doesn't want to show up ! Sorry about that .
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