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  1. just to update you all my fish are doing great and i have a new 3 foot tank and the big ones are now going into the pond
  2. im treating them for bacterial infection then as soon as there all better most of them will be going in the pond, as its ready and waiting with other fish in, the fan tails and little fish will be staying in the tank and that tank will be upgraded to a bigger one
  3. the pond is ready for them to go in, but was worried about putting them outside as theyve been in the house for nearly 2 years and didnt want to shock them they agreed with me that i had too many fish
  4. the pet shop told me its a bacterial infection, i asked for the readings they didnt tell me, yes i changed the stand and im on the look out for a bigger tank
  5. ive been up and down the pet shop trying to sort them out, i dont have the money to get a massive tank right away im trying the best i can
  6. im getting them a bigger tank
  7. what do u mean change anything? yes had my water checked things were ok except my nitrite they said it was off and it was a light orange colour they didnt tell me the numbers, so ive been told to do 25 percent water changes every other day and not to feed them for three days so not much waste is in the tank so the nitrite can get back to normal
  8. ive now just noticed on my fish that they have a red stripe going through their body on each side could this be a bacterial infection?
  9. yeah bent in a c shape if u put him on his side, such a sad time
  10. i've just got home and as i was tanking water out and putting new in i noticed that my shabunkin was just floating on its back, best way to subscribe it is like it looked like his back had snapped and had no way of controlling itself and was swimming upside down
  11. they didnt give me the numbers i asked but they didnt give me them they just said its was bang on and fine
  12. right guys got it all tested everything was bang on except my nitrite, its a little off so i have been told to give them a another water change tomorrow then go up again monday and do another sample and i will speak to the guy who is good with fish as he knows a lot as for my poorly fish hes started to move around a bit now
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