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  1. O and best one "nah don't like goldfish" never even seen my tank "You want tropical, there's lots more and are more colourful" you kiddin me?
  2. "You payed how much!? It's a goldfish" Classic from the misses "Don't like them they look funny" few weeks later as she's mesmerised looking at the tank " aww isn't he cute" "You keep goldfish? Why there lame and boring" - not to me, O yeah you don't even have a tank
  3. 1 over stocked 5 small fish in a 60 litre 2 when there's a problem sort it out ASAP Lost 3 fish (Mitsi, bushi and evo1) due to internal infections and not treating them 3 swim bladder is stressful to fish and needs sorting ASAP with a proper treatment shedual ( lost blue boy and sharky) 3.5 do your own research
  4. I do this with mine, I have mine submerged just under the waterline and have it pointed at a 45 degre angle up, creates a small wave at the top, but have noticed food can get trapped behind the wave and spool around but does get fired out by the wave eventually Did try it without the spray bar and found it to be too much of a current for my fish
  5. put me down for 4oz plus our postage, so if im right at the mo thats £6.50 plus £6 postage (aprox) if just me and you get some
  6. hummm..... seems a great product but maybe a bit expensive, but pencil me down
  7. ulcers can go white if fungus kicks in, is it fluffy white like cotton wool?
  8. could be an ulcer, but im no pro, they should be along shortly
  9. ive never fasted my fish unless i forget to feed them, which isnt common, whats the reason for fasting?
  10. I also have this filter and spot on, description is spot on too had mine about a year and no worries, would add that clips on the top are cheap plastic and have had on break on me when it was delivered, but they sent out a new one for me no charge, but would say there's not really a lot of media with this and can top up with more
  11. Sweet! Love the natural look tanks
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