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  2. Morning update: She is doing well in the tub. Just floating and awkwardly swimming around. Finally have it up to 82-84*ish. Fasting has started as of now. Parameters were all 0 when I checked this morning. I am going to try and find some needlepoint canvas to build a guard tonight.
  3. I thought about that but I don't have anything around here that would work. I put the air hose over top of it (it's not touching that I can tell) and i also bent it up so it is blocking the front side of the filter. Seems to be working better but I'm not sure. Would plastic "needlepoint canvas" work? Our walmart may have that I can pick up and manipulate to build a cage around the heater, I could use little zip ties to hold it together maybe. Sorry I have to resort to Walmart for everything, it's the only thing close to me without driving 45 minutes one way. I'm going to go to bed and turn the lights off for her to get some rest, I'm sure its been a stressful evening for her. And Alex, I will start fasting tomorrow. I am still working on gradually getting the temp to 84*. I had it to 77ish. I have a lid over the tub, so hopefully that will help retain the heat better.
  4. Here is her tub with shallow water. She seems to be doing ok. I am however having trouble keeping her away from the heater. I have the air rope right up to it thinking it would keep her away but she still gets on it. So I put both thermometers over top of the heater and she can still get to touching it. Any ideas or suggestions to keep her away from it? I still can't figure out the embed thing, so here is the link.
  5. For the full 14 days, Alex? I will be moving her to the tub within the next hour or so I think.
  6. I spoke wrong....she's swimming!!!!!!! She is still upside down but it doing better and has gotten upright once! So the lower water must be working. Hopefully the really low water will continue to improve her. At least she can get to the bottom now. One more question, I fed her 4 mms this morning, should I finish her 10 today and start the fasting tomorrow?
  7. Thank you Lisa! Just got home from work, no improvements in Lilo, just floating and trying to swim. I have the internal filter and am aiging water, working on setting the tub back up.
  8. I'm going to pick up a small internal filter from Walmart between jobs and try this over again tonight after I get off work. Fins crossed.
  9. Well before it was always pro gold and repashy that she ate and was fine, then all the sudden everything seems to makes her floaty. As far as veggies I've only tried peas and kale. Peas seemed to offer some relief before she got this bad, kale made her floaty but it did clean her out really well. I have bloodworms, not sure if they made her floaty or not. She has a great appetite, she is able to eat the mms if I put her in the shallow bowl I've been using to feed her. She really is trying to swim, bless her little fins.
  10. I didn't know you could use a heating pad, I've got one of those! I will try it out tonight to at least get the aging water up to temp.
  11. Well I won't be feeding her once I start this, so that should help a little? Water temp will be my biggest problem as I only have 1 heater that I can use that will reach 84*. And since I have to age the water, it makes it even harder. I don't know what to do. Poor Lilo
  12. He is gorgeous! Where did you find him at? Fins crossed for a uneventful qt!
  13. Alex, I have her back in the main tank for now, but I have reduced the water level to a smidge over half. Will the tub to tub method work for the treatment WITHOUT filtration and just an air stone, or is a filter needed? I know it stressed using filtration. I am willing to try and make a sponge filter but I wasn't sure if it would be enough. She is still the same today but making very heavy attempts at swimming below the surface which she is being successful at, its just not the most graceful and upside down of course. I am continuing mms until something is figured out.
  14. Take the existing aerator off your faucet and take the aqueon part with you too. They should be able to get you set up from there.
  15. I didn't event think about using the ammonia. I will do that then. I guess I'll move her back over to the hospital tub then.
  16. I thought about that, but I can't get to Petsmart until at least Friday. I'm also trying to keep this kinda low cost as funds are a bit tight right now. I have a Walmart in town, and was going to pick this up maybe.... http://www.walmart.com/ip/Regent-For-5-15-Gallons-Aquarium-Power-Filter-1-ct/10313136 Not sure if it will be any better. Or would a small internal filter work ok for this? Would they work on a low water level? Are there any other options for a filter that will work for this project? I have a 40 gallon air pump (currently in the tank) and a 20 gallon air pump if those can be put to use. Now I'm afraid I'm going to loose my cycle if I don't keep all of my cycled media fed.
  17. This isn't going well... I got everything set up and moved the filter over and it can't filter the water with it that low. I'm afraid I'm going to burn the filter up if I keep it overnight. For now, I am just going to put her and everything else back in the 20 gallon and get a small filter tomorrow night after work and try this again.
  18. I'm sorry to hear about your stepfather, Percy. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. 2nd, Speckles is gorgeous! I hope he can recover soon. I agree with you about it being heartbreaking. I am dealing with a floaty/upside down fish myself and it breaks my heart to watch her struggle. Keep your head up, we are all here for you
  19. Okay. Will my set up work or is it at least worth trying? I'll go get it started now if so. Thank you for your help Alex, it is greatly appreciated.
  20. I need a few hours to get the water aged for her in the tub if this will work. So if I am needed to do it tonight, I need to know by within the next hour-sih so I have time to get things set up before its to late, or I can wait till the morning. I've been keeping the light off in the tank to try and reduce stress since she is so close to the light. Also, is part of her belly being out of water going to cause issues? Not like I can do anything about it until she possible stops being so floaty, just curious.
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