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  1. So...I fasted Lilo until tonight to make sure she wasn't floating anymore from the pro gold and I fed her some Repashy around 730. She is now floaty and trying to flip to her side. GRRRR. She was fine all week with limited amounts. What now?
  2. It's been 10 days I believe. I will remove it next time I do a WC. Thanks!
  3. I fed her Repashy this morning and 2 Pro Gold pellets tonight at 5. She did ok, but seems to be a touch floaty and off balance as I sit here and watch her now. So I'm thinking I will just do Repashy only tomorrow to see if she straightens out. I did a 100% WC and added about 1.5 gallons more to the water level. I also added some big gems in with her to give her something to play with, she seems bored lol. Some questions: I have still been adding Epsom, continue to do such or do I need to stop? Prime...How much ammonia does it effectively make "safe" and how long does it last? Example, if the ammonia in her tub is .25-.5 and I can't get the water changed until the next day...will adding prime hold it safely until then? The big tank...I have kept it running and been adding ammonia to it to feed it. All was fine last week and I did a WC to lower the nitrates (this was Sunday). Today I tested the water and everything was 0. I have still been adding the ammonia, so I'm curious as to what happened or if this is normal? I hope the cycle is still ok. Oh, and when I take poo out of Lilo's tub, I discharge of it into the tank, so it is getting some waste that way along with the ammonia.
  4. Okay. I will do that. Thanks for your help and guidance Alex!
  5. Well...do I dare try pro gold or just stick with repashy? I was going to up the amount a little starting tomorrow to see how she handles it. Her appetite has been fabulous and she always wants more. When do you think she could go back in the big tank? I don't want to rush things if she needs to stay shallow for longer.
  6. Today will wrap up day 4 of partial rations of food and still doing well. She is still in the shallow tin too.
  7. I really need to start going to bed earlier
  8. Alex, Should I just keep with the repashy or would you like me to try other things?
  9. She is still doing great, staying upright and swimming around. I fed her a teeny tiny piece of repashy last night which she gobbled up in .2 seconds and wanted more. After that she seemed ok and that it did not bother her. I figured I may try another small piece here in a little bit. I had to change her tub water again because of the ammonia, but she is back in and happy as can be...minus the not getting fed part lol
  10. She is still doing well today. Tomorrow (Saturday) will be day 4. Am I supposed to keep her in the shallow water for awhile past this and start feeding her? I have pro gold, mms, jump start, blood worms and repashy sg on hand currently. I plan on going to petsmart tomorrow so if there is something else you want me to try let me know and I can pick it up. So I guess, what's the next step in finding the right foods for her and introducing her back into the big tank?She is fine in the tub right now, so that's not a concern should she need to stay there longer.
  11. Okay. I dosed prime just incase while I waited. She's not happy with me...everytime she sees me she does a feed me wiggle in the corner. She's so cute when she begs, lol.
  12. Alex, I just checked on Lilo, she is fine. However, ammonia is at about .25. Am I ok to age some water and do a complete water change? Just dose back the epsom?
  13. Great! Thanks for asking Still swimming around and staying upright. She has pooped a bunch, I gotta get the baster to remove it. She also looks at me and gives me the feed me feed me dance. I can tell she's feeling a little better.
  14. The last time I fed her was about 10 last night, so 24 hours ago. This morning when I woke up she was still the same as yesterday. Now tonight, she is swimming around and looking for food, all while upright! I can do whatever you think would be best as I am kinda wondering what caused the improvements as well. I'm sure she wouldn't object to food if that was the choice, lol. I realize that this issue will take time to overcome and will probably always cause her to have some issues. I am just so glad she is doing better.
  15. Thank you both! I was so excited when I saw her after I got home from work! I squealed and probably scared her, lol. Fins crossed that she continues to improve!
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