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  1. This breaks my heart to even think about doing this, let alone actually creating the post. As some of you know, Lilo has been struggling with swim bladder issues for about a month now. She got better once I moved her to a shallow tub, but she is still having a hard time some days. I do not have the resources to keep her in the tub forever, and where I live is not ideal for a pond for permanent residency. Ideally, I think it is agreed that the best thing for her is to be in a pond so the water is shallow. So I am really looking for someone to take her that can put her in their pond. I know my location will hurt me. I am located near Fort Wayne, Indiana. I would be willing to drive a little ways (2 hours or so) to meet someone that will re-home her. I'm not crazy about shipping as I have no experience or supplies to do such, but if someone wants her really bad and can walk me thru shipping her...I will consider it if it means giving her what she really needs. This is breaking my heart because I hate to 'give up' on her, but I am out of resources. I hate that she has to spend all her time in the tub. Some background on her: I purchased her from a local LFS on January 10, 2013. Did 4 rounds of Prazi Pro starting on the 11th with no issues what so ever. She has been perfectly healthy since I got her except the swim bladder issues that occurred recently. I have been feeding her only repashy since she got sick, as it is about the only thing I have that agrees with her. Before that she was on Pro-gold and repashy which now makes her floaty. She LOVES blood worms She is currently about 4" long from nose to tip of the tail and she weighs roughly 26 grams. (I think she was 18-20g when I got her) Her colors have stayed pretty steady since I have had her, with only the line of orange/black changing slightly from time to time. Here is a video and some pictures: I love Lilo, so this is very hard for me to do. I had to think about it a lot, but it breaks my heart more that I can't provide her with what she really needs. So, with that said....if someone has a pond or experience with SBD fish that wants to give Lilo the home she ultimately deserves, Please contact me via PM or this thread for now. Again, I am located near Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  2. Thank you everyone. Her colors haven't changed much that I have noticed.
  3. Yeah, Indiana isn't friendly for outside stuff when the seasons are changing. So I may even struggle finding someone close enough with a pond for her. I just think the green water method is over my head/skills/situation/home setup.
  4. I'm currently reading about the green water to try and educate myself more. Only problem is...I don't have anywhere safe to keep her outside without building something elaborate. And well, Indiana weather sucks. Don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change, seriously. Today we had thunder storms and rain, yesterday it was 80*, and by Friday it's back down to 45*. Just a theoretical question...if I did the green water and she improved, would she ever be able to go back in a big tank again...or is she permanently prone to having these issues forever? Regardless, I need to take a few days and really think about this. Who knew one little fish could make you think sooooo much?
  5. Just to make sure that I have exhausted all options before I have to say goodbye.... Re-homing her to a pond at this point is ultimately the best solution for her, correct?
  6. Well, the pond is 14" deep and the smallest fish is over 12". She seemed to think they would try and eat Lilo. So that option won't work.
  7. I think I'm facing the hard choice of rehoming Lilo She has good days, and then bad days. She was back to being upside down last night and I changed nothing about the water. My mom works with a lady that has a pond with koi. She didn't know any specifics but was going to ask her today. So it may be an option. I would love for her to go to someone on here, but I'm not aware of anyone close with a pond. If it comes to that, I will start a rehome thread I guess. It breaks my heart to even have to think about letting her go. The set up I have her in now just isn't realistic for long term.
  8. Try not to bump such old threads. Start a new one if you can't find a newer thread. He has moved to www.dandyorandas.com for the auctions now.
  9. We rent Uhaul at my part time job and there is no additional charge for mileage on trailers! Just the daily fee and some additional taxes and environmental fees You could even do a one way and leave the trailer somewhere in Chicagoland if you didn't need it for anything other than the tank being moved.
  10. Thanks for the link, I will look at it later tonight
  11. I changed water today and left it at the same level as I had it over the past few days and she isn't taking it well. She isn't floaty, but she is hanging out at the top and seems to be struggling to get to the bottom. This is so frustrating.
  12. Lilo is still doing great with increased water level. I have been slowly increasing the repashy a little each day too. On each water change which has been about every other day, would it be good to add water at that time? I'd added about 1.5 gallons more last time. So I guess, is that a good amount and time frame to increase by each time?
  13. Sold to Smegy! Thanks for the quick sale
  14. Hello I have a opened bag of Pro-Gold that I am wanting to sell. Lilo can't handle it, and I hate to see it go to waste before I can ever use it with another fish. It started out as a 8 oz. bag and is now only down to 7.5 oz. The bag did rip on me, so I have it poured into zip lock bag and doubled up so it has stayed fresh. I cut the label off and have kept it in the baggie so I know dates and product. I received it from GoldFishConnection on 12-28-12 and I opened it on 1-5-13. I am located in Indiana and am currently only interested in shipping in the US as I'm not sure that I want to deal with shipping food internationally. I would like to get $10.00 shipped out of it to help with shipping costs. I plan on putting it in a small flat rate box or padded envelope and sending it USPS. If you are interested in using another shipping company, let me know and I would be glad to work something out with you. Let me know if you are interested
  15. I did a WC this morning and raised the water level a bit more to try this again. She was doing good when I left for work, came home and she was still good so I thought I would try pro gold again. I did 2 pellets...each 1 hr apart from each other. I made sure I soaked them really well prior to feeding them. She took the first one no problem, checked on her often and she seemed fine, so i did #2 an hour later. She is starting to get a bit floaty, half hour after the 2nd pellet I'm starting to think that she just can't handle Pro Gold anymore? Guess I will just stick with repashy for now. Is it acceptable to try and sell my open bag of pro gold? I hate for it to go bad before I can ever use it with another fish.
  16. Sorry that this happened to you. I hope your fish recovers! Make sure to put a netting of some type over the end to prevent this from happening again. The bag from oranges that is netted works well.
  17. Before she ever got floaty, it was 5 pro gold in the am and repashy at night. But now its 2 pro gold and normal amounts of repashy. If I do smaller pieces of repashy, like half of before she seems to do ok.I may try pro gold again, but i would like to be home all night so I can watch her for a few hours to see how she reacts and that won't be until tomorrow evening that I can do that.
  18. Is there another food worth trying? I should do a wc tonight, should I try increasing the level of water again? I need to get her back in the main tank sometime, I can't keep the tub like it is long term.
  19. I did a WC last night and kept the epsom out. I also reduced the water back to normal. This morning I fed her a small piece of repashy, and another small piece around 5ish...which she got a tad bit floaty. Sometimes I look at her and she's fine, other times I look over and it appears that she is struggling, but I walk over to the tub and she goes back to normal. Her appetite is great, she acts fine and roots around the tank, comes to the surface and begs....but something is not agreeing with her internals.
  20. Okay. I took a gallon out this morning before work. I plan on doing a 100% chnage after work and lower the amount again. Still take epsom out since its been over 8 days?
  21. No, it doesn't seem that way. Cuz when she did it last night it was only about an hour after I just did a complete change. I'm making sure to match ph as close as I can and the same temp. Tonight she would be fine swimming and then get to the top and just kinda bobb there. Then she would be fine for a bit and then back to the surface again. I don't understand.
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