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  1. I got a new phone and today was water change day so I figured I would try the new camera out First up, I added some cute wrapping paper decor to the back. Doesn't really go with the scheme of things, but hey...it was something I had lying around. Waiting in the bucket for the PH to rise and snacking on some blood worms....nom nom nom Some more close ups Finished product.....I think Moe approves! I haven't weighed Moe since I brought her home. So maybe next time I do a large WC, I will do that. Oh...and I did 4 rounds of prazi...finished up today and everything went great!
  2. Thanks Una! I never even thought of just plain scotch tape or wrapping paper...see how hard I make things on myself? lol And Lisa...I think I see an outie vent, so I'm going with she until I'm proven wrong otherise! haha Sikari has seemed to be treating Moe ok so far, but its only been 1 day. Her biggest battle was the filter current and bubbles. I have to keep the filter baffled and air pump turned down and all is good. It's hard getting used to having a little baby!
  3. Here are some more pictures for everyone Added a few fake plants to change things up, not sure if I like it 100% (I REALLY need to get a back ground) Mom....what is this new green thing in my corner? I don't like it... Moe kept wanting to show 'her' backside today, so I couldn't get to many pictures. My cell is slow and real camera battery is dead. So maybe another day I can do a better photo shoot. She loves repashy sg and sikari. Those little pellets are so nice and small! Question, I have seen people talk of using poster board for their backgrounds. I would love this since its cheap! How would I go about adhering it to the tank?
  4. Haha, that's a good one! Today is water change day so I will get some pictures . And maybe even a video!
  5. I ordered sikari so it should be here soon. And I also redid the filter baffle and it is much much better. Seems to be fighting the current less and getting around easier. And............. I think I've named s/he Moe
  6. Thanks Qt has been uneventful so far. I need to baffle the filter more as its still creating to much current for the little guy. It's so weird having such a small one!
  7. I went fish shopping yesterday and after several very depressing stops, I went to the place I knew I should have gone to first....and found this little one. Not sure if its a he or she, but its so tiny! Weighs a whopping 9.2 grams and is 1 1/4" body and 2 1/2" long with tail. Was advertised as a black moor, but is anything but that. Has some very nice bronze showing thru with a white belly. So it will be interesting to see the color changes. "She" seems a little stressed still. Very darty and is pretty uncoordinated in swimming, even with the filter baffled. Hopefully as she puts on some weight she will become stronger. Since I sold the pro-gold I had, the diet is repashy and blood worms until I decided on what pellet I want to try. I was thinking the sikari color enhancing since the possibilities for color changes are so positive. I would love any suggestions anyone would have. And we need a name still. but I may wait awhile until she calms down to find out if its a she/he. Prazi started today, so fins crossed for a boring QT! Now for the pictures!
  8. I'm sorry Percy I recently had to make this decision with Lilo and it was by no means easy to make the decision or do. We are all here for you
  9. So cute! Altho...it looks like you are starving the poor things, lol! Just kidding...they look like they have gotten huge!!
  10. Can a mod please lock or delete this? I am no longer needing to rehome her.
  11. Thank you Lisa. It is very heartbreaking, I just keep hoping for a miracle.
  12. She was due for a WC tonight, so I did one. I had the temp and ph matched, and even kept it the same level. Added her in and she was fine for about 5 minutes and now she is back upside down. I haven't fed her the bed time meal yet, so I don't think I will to allow her to snap out of this.
  13. She seems to be relapsing :( She has been getting super floaty again. I fasted her yesterday and cut back the repashy today and even the very small amount instantly seemed to make her have issues. I feel so bad for her, I don't know what more to do.
  14. Wow, beautiful fish! I will be expecting the last one pictured on my door step any day now, lol
  15. I just got home from work and found a scale on the bottom of the tub and another loose on her. She is acting ok, happy to see me. Doing her usual hang out close to the top like always. Is this something to be concerned with? I did do a 100% wc this morning before work but other than that nothing has changed. Temp and ph where both matched as well.
  16. Since I was pretty vague about what all the treatment was for Lilo and her SBD issues....here is the discussion thread link: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/108156-lilos-need-for-a-new-diet/ That explains pretty much everything that went on for the past month. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
  17. Thank you to whoever moved it! And thanks greentea for the kind words. I'm hoping for a miracle too
  18. Alex, could I so kindly ask you to move this to the non subbie section so others can see it? I started a re-home thread and it will be easier for those that ask to see it there than in the subbie if they are not subbies. Pretty please?
  19. Jamie, I answered your pm but i just now saw this. I do have videos I can send you if you can't see the thread like I said earlier.
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