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  1. Thank you everyone! Its so nice to see familiar "faces" :-)
  2. Thank you! He started out all black and a whopping 8 grams I think when I got him 1.5 yrs ago. So he has grown a lot! His orange changes almost daily it seems. His head has been turning the most lately. Someone on here when I first got him said they thought he would end up all orange eventually. I think they were right!
  3. Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone!! I know it has been a lonnnggg long time since I've been on to post anything, I'm thinking a year or so? Work has been crazy busy and I got engaged in October, so wedding planning is consuming my life! I was changing Moe's water today and decided it had been awhile since I weighed him last, so I got the scale out. Back on August 1st, he weighed 58 grams (which I thought was huge compared to his 30ish earlier in the spring). Hahahaa...was I in for a surprise today. First I had to find a container big enough for him....lol. He tipped the scales at a hefty 98.6 grams!!!! I noticed he was getting big, but I didn't think that big. With a wedding coming up in July of '15, I will be moving Moe to the new house sometime in August probably once I get moved in myself. My ultimate goal is to get him a 40 gal breeder and a nice stand to keep all the supplies and for a nicer presentation since I'm pretty sure the tank will be out in the main living/dining room space. I keep checking craigslist, but no luck I just feel like he would do better in a 40 breeder to get some shallower water and more room. He has some issues with getting a bit floaty, but some change in diet and fasting from time to time help tremendously. 98.6 grams, 4" long body and around 8.5"-9" with tail On with the pictures! Mom....enough with the pictures and feed me already!
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