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  1. Thank you everyone! Its so nice to see familiar "faces" :-)
  2. Thank you! He started out all black and a whopping 8 grams I think when I got him 1.5 yrs ago. So he has grown a lot! His orange changes almost daily it seems. His head has been turning the most lately. Someone on here when I first got him said they thought he would end up all orange eventually. I think they were right!
  3. Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone!! I know it has been a lonnnggg long time since I've been on to post anything, I'm thinking a year or so? Work has been crazy busy and I got engaged in October, so wedding planning is consuming my life! I was changing Moe's water today and decided it had been awhile since I weighed him last, so I got the scale out. Back on August 1st, he weighed 58 grams (which I thought was huge compared to his 30ish earlier in the spring). Hahahaa...was I in for a surprise today. First I had to find a container big enough for him....lol. He tipped the scales at a hefty 98.6 grams!!!! I noticed he was getting big, but I didn't think that big. With a wedding coming up in July of '15, I will be moving Moe to the new house sometime in August probably once I get moved in myself. My ultimate goal is to get him a 40 gal breeder and a nice stand to keep all the supplies and for a nicer presentation since I'm pretty sure the tank will be out in the main living/dining room space. I keep checking craigslist, but no luck I just feel like he would do better in a 40 breeder to get some shallower water and more room. He has some issues with getting a bit floaty, but some change in diet and fasting from time to time help tremendously. 98.6 grams, 4" long body and around 8.5"-9" with tail On with the pictures! Mom....enough with the pictures and feed me already!
  4. Luckily we got power back a little bit ago. I got the filter back running and everything is testing good param wise. Thank you everyone. This makes one very grateful for the luxuries we have and often take advantage of.
  5. I'm glad I got one in last night as we have lost power. My room isn't staying very warm, would it be ok to lay a blanket over the tank to insulate it a little?
  6. Okay. Thank you Helen. I just got home and we still have power but surrounding areas have lost other already. Hopefully only a day or 2 without if it does happen. I will do your dribble method if needed. Fingers crossed I won't need to. I did a pretty decent wc on Thursday. I will get another one in tonight. I really should invest in a battery pump. I don't have the heater on so its been staying between 68-70 on its own. Temps dropping below 0 and no power will not be fun. I will stop feeding him until this blows over. Thank you again!
  7. Question, we have a blizzard on our hands and may loose power. I don't have a battery air pump but I do have water jugged up. I can put Moe in a small container and can do wc as often as I can, but water will be limited as I only have 5 gallons. What more can I do? How often should I change his water? I know to keep food at a minimum, or not at all? Sorry if this is posted else where, I'm on tapatalk and can't search real well.
  8. Seems like you guys have it covered, but if more is needed....I have a very full bag as well. I'd be willing to ship some.
  9. They both look like girls to me :-)
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