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  1. So I'm sure there is someway to tell what sex your fish are, but I am just not skilled at it. Can anyone tell me what sex my common goldies are?
  2. Here are my 'little' common goldfish (pleco in hiding) in their new tank at my shoppe.
  3. I couldn't find any that are the dimensions of my tank, plus I don't want to wait for one to be shipped lol
  4. So I got my 75gal tank today and now I need ideas on what to use for a stand. There are none locally so it looks like its DIY or using something else for it. I have seen someone use cinderblocks to make a stand...would that work? Any suggestions?
  5. this is an awesome idea...i think i am totally going to use it in my new tank
  6. What are your thoughts on sand? I am considering using this instead of gravel, as to me it looks cleaner. Is it?
  7. lmao. no, i'd never do that he just has to be alone with his pleco buddy
  8. this is so pretty. i just love it.
  9. So I am getting a new 75gal tank for our shoppe to replace the 30gal we have and the 10gal (we have a Comet that's a jerk and harasses the Black Moor so he was exiled). I am looking for suggestions on how to set up the new tank (gravel/sand/decor etc). We have one black moor, a pleco and 3 comets and want to give them a happy and healthy home so any suggestions would be great.
  10. Okie dokie. I didn't know if it was a sexing color, they were ill or what
  11. He often hovers around Skeltor....taunting him lol
  12. Took this pic of my Otto Cats today and noticed the different colors on their undersides. Is this normal?
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