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  1. Thank you, I'm doing everything I know how to! I'm so happy that he's doing so well now I know! He scoots around so well! It's almost like he uses it as a little propeller or some thing! That would definitely be something worth looking into... It looks like he's trying to grow back a little anal fin so I'm hoping it's something treatable. If not, I'm still thrilled . All of my other fish are a little different too . I bet tater is a cutie too! Do you have any pictures of her up? And remember: If it wasn't for everyone here I'd probably still be an ignorant fish keeper lol! So in a way, you guys helped save him too!!
  2. Hi all! I first joined Kokos awhile back when my Moor Dexy had suddenly been struck with Dropsy. I had prowled the site for awhile but was too shy to jump in... I was devastated when she became sick.. She was/is my little baby! I had searched and searched for help nearly everywhere! The Pet stores in town were of no help. They just offered me QuickCure and said they hoped she'd make it through... When things looked it's darkest for Dexy and I, I made one of the best decisions I had ever made: Joining Kokos! After a few short weeks of constant water changes and the patience and guidance of everyone here, Dexy made a full recovery (and even had eggs ). I just wanted to say thanks again for everything you all have done for me, Dexy, Klaus, and my new family member LT. Thank you everyone for being so awesome, and thank you Alex (1 and 2), and tithra! If not for the guidance of you three I don't think Dexy would be with me today! Before everyone's help: And here she is now after much help and learning! I love Kokos!!
  3. I know right!? He is so cute! I swear he didn't rest for the first two nights he was here lol! I like that word zippy... fits him perfect! I'm proud of you for saving for this little guy! What a cutie! Aww thanks! I couldn't leave him behind... Not with that face! I know! I was really surprised at how well he swims without a current shoving him around lol
  4. Oh my gosh! He is adorable! Don't be surprised if he goes missing from your tank one of these days !
  5. Due to popular request, I give you LT, The Finless Lionhead ! (I've wanted to use that emoticon for awhile and now I finally have a chance ) So here is LT's story: I was wandering through walmart one day and decided to look at the fish. I know, bad idea right? Well when I got there I happened to glance at the Lionhead tank! Low and behold what did I see? A little Lionhead fry who was getting spun around by the fast current of the filter and shoved by his fellow fry. Upon further inspection I found that the little guy had no fins! All of it was gone except a nub for a tail! I fought with myself for a bit about what to do (I had promised myself that my next fish would be a broadtail moor!) but in the end, I knew his little face would keep creeping into my memory. After all, he was very perky considering his predicament! So in the end I decided to wait the 30 minutes for a walmart employee to give the little guy to me (lol). I got him home, set up his own 20 gallon qt tank, and got him acclimated. The first few days he was home he was very skiddish, but he started warming up quickly ! I figured I would wait until the following morning to start his MM regime so I gave him a tiny piece of Repashy for dinner. It was so cute! It took him a minute to figure out that the food was on the floor instead of floating but once he found it; Oh boy!! He munched it and swam around the tank at what I swear was light speed! I wish I had gotten a video of it! I've had him for a week tomorrow and he's doing great! As for the name... The name LT comes from the name my bf gave him: Lt. Dan Finless. He thought it would be clever to call him Lt. Dan after the character on Forrest Gump... I wanted to name him/her Ponyo, but that didn't happen lol... LT just kind of suck I'm really sorry for the poor video and picture quality... He moves so darn fast! I'll try and get some better one's when there is light out This is week 1 of me having him. I took this right after he was added to his tank: This is week 2 of me having him: You can start to see the black on his tail where his fins are healing I hope I posted in the correct place... I've never actually done a 'new fish' on here lol
  6. Thanks guys! I'm actually going to start a new thread on him for an introduction . I finally got my camera working!
  7. Oh ok, thanks! I did the 3/4tsp that Alex said to do in his salt article since I use the fine canning and pickling salt... I actually took out 15 gallons (don't know why I decided to use 10 as an example lol) and added back 15 3/4 tsps. Is that too much?
  8. Hi again! So LT is starting to look great! There is a little black on his tail, which I am assuming is the healing process beginning . He has been on the MM's and salt at .1% for 7 days now, and his second dose of Prazi is tomorrow! I had a quick question that I'm ashamed I didn't ask sooner: When you do a WC are you supposed to add back the amount of salt that was in that water? For example: if you take out 10 gallons of water, will you have to add back the 10tsps to the new water? I read Trinket's salt guide, but for some reason I had a hard time comprehending what she was saying about adding it back
  9. Woo! So I cleaned EVERYTHING! Oddly enough I didn't really find anything... I wonder where they're coming from..? I've only found maybe 3 in the past few months. Maybe they're was just a few left over eggs from when I PP'd my marimo balls? I usually keep my tank pretty clean, so that hopefully kept their numbers down too. I cleaned out the BB's and cleaned everything in the Ehiem with prazi water... Man, I remember when I just started out I had a tiger snail... I opened up my HOB one day... And found at least 100 of those little punks!! My fish keeping skill have since gotten better I know what you mean! I usually don't even like killing bugs... But snails are a different story!
  10. Ok thanks! I'll get right on it !
  11. So I've been finding baby snails (usually one at a time) in my tank off and on for about two months now. I've usually just been... Getting rid of them. I ran into a problem however: An itty bitty one got sucked into my EHIEM . I know that they can reproduce by asexually so I'm worried about having more living in my filter. What do I do?? Is there something I can run through the filter to kill it or do I take it apart and find the little punk?
  12. Awww he's a cute little ham-ham! Is he pretty friendly? I've never had a hamster
  13. Oh wow! It looks like I'll have to upgrade myself soon . Congrats on such a gorgeous tank!
  14. I love your tank! I love the contrast of the plants with the fish and sand. Just out of curiosity, what size is your tank?? I'm really sorry to hear about Zorro and Sawyer
  15. Oh wow, I'm super jealous! I love how big your tank is . I really like the Egyptian theme too! I love the little heart on cupids tail! It's too cute!
  16. Oh wow ! Congrats on the new fish!! I really love Cedric's coloration. The deep blue is to die for! The danios are super cool too. Especially the one with the extra tail
  17. How did I not see this sooner !? Pleeeease let me know when you get some time and caught up! I'd love to have one too!!!
  18. Thanks! I ended up doing a quick rub down with some vinegar and soaked in primed water for like two hours lol . Paranoid? Maybe lol!
  19. Awesome! Thank you!! I'll try and make a little with a small batch of pashy then . Hopefully she'll be less stubborn about it lol
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