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  1. Oh wow! I love the set up you have going!

    I've never had fertilized eggs before... It sounds rough. How do you collect the eggs from the main tank? My moor has egged a couple times and it was horrible lol! They got everywhere, the stuck to everything, and they'd squish/pop when I'd scrape them up! Are they different when their fertilized?

  2. Hi again!

    LT had his last round of Prazi and today I'm doing a BWC to get the rest of the medication and salt out (he has been dosed at .1% during treatment.) You had mentioned something about a sal bath of 3% when he was finished with his MM's and Prazi. Should I go ahead and do that?

    Thank you to everyone for your continued support!

    Oh and here's an update on the water params too:

    Nitrate: 5ppm

    Ammonia: 0ppm

    Nitrite: 0ppm

    PH: 7.5

  3. I use a soap dish from walmart, and put the roots in there. I have quite a few in my tank, and they do quite well. I also have a peace lily, and lots of lucky bamboo. :) All of it lives in the soap dishes. Every once in a while, I take the plants out and clean up the dishes, but other than that, they're very low maintenance. :)

    I have to take a picture of something else for a friend, so while I'm doing that, I'll share a pothos pic for you. Mine have been in there almost a year, and they're doing great.

    What kind of soap dish do you use? Is it fully submerged? I ask 'cause I'm looking for suggestions myself :D

  4. Sooo Lt is doing great now! He's growing in all of his fins, except one pelvic fin. He's learned to zoom around the tank even faster now!

    Here's a video of him eating out of my fingers (he snatches it at 14s):

    He's so hard to get pictures of! He's a fast little dude lol


    You can see his itty bitty fins here:



    Just wook at his wittle face!


    Compared to when I first got him:



    What do you guys think??

  5. Ohhh no! I would have cried and begged him not to take the fish :cry . I've made an annoying habit of trying to 'educate' a lot of people I run across at pet stores... Some enjoy the advice and others either don't care or get huffy with me... We need better laws against this stuff!

  6. Got them!!!

    Sorry for the poor photo quality.. My camera isn't very good lol

    He takes it out of my fingers here in the first 2-3 seconds. The rest is just him swimming around :D

    Here is his second piece.He's a little hesitant here, but I figure it's 'cause he one itty bitty piece already lol!

  7. Omg that's too precious! Idk who's luckier, sounds like a match made in heaven.

    Oh I know! I've been giddy all day because of it!!

    That's so cute! :heart My orandas and teles don't bother coming around my hand, no matter how much love and care I give them :wa

    I'm sorry :( I'm sure they'll come around eventually! I think that he just figured out that scary lady=food god :rofl

    Video, video, video, video, video! Please! Please! PLEASE!???????

    I'll try as soon as I'm finished with my essay :D! Hes just so darn fast and my camera is so darn bad lol!

  8. I just have to share my excitement with everyone! LT ate out of my fingers for the first time today!!!

    I had been noticing that LT would swim around my fingers during his Metro-med feedings. As I was cleaning his tank the other day I stuck my pinky in his direction. To my surprise, he came up and 'kissed' my finger!! Today, I figured "What the heck, I'll give it try" and held the food out for him. He comes up and snatches it from me with out any hesitation! I love that little guy :wub:

    Thanks for listening to my happy rant :D

  9. I have a pothos, and the fish do fine with it :). They chew on the roots when they get too big and so far there hasn't been any ill effects.

    Another plant that is a good nitrate eater from what I hear is mangrove. We actually have a member here (Acro) who sells them:



    I recently bought one myself :)

    There are also a ton of low light plants you can add such as: anubias, amazon swords, anarcharis, java fern, and a few others I'll look for for you :D

    I have my pothos and will put my own mangrove (when it comes in!!) in this: http://www.walmart.c...-Caddy/19287920

    I hope this helped!

    Edit: this link is all about low light plants:


  10. I'm thinking that it might be black algae, but I'm no algae expert :rofl

    It's popping up in random areas of the tank, but this is the biggest area of it... What's causing it? Is it harmful?

    I've been battling brown algae as well, but I just scrape it off..


    If you look close it has some light green spots:


    I'm sorry for the really bad camera quality!

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