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  1. Yup! But it keeps coming back... in hard to reach places. Like inside the Ehiem water output (or whatever its called lol!). That's kind of why I was wondering if it was harmful lol
  2. I have a pothos, and the fish do fine with it . They chew on the roots when they get too big and so far there hasn't been any ill effects. Another plant that is a good nitrate eater from what I hear is mangrove. We actually have a member here (Acro) who sells them: http://www.kokosgold...-sale-or-trade/ http://www.kokosgold...mangrove-trees/ I recently bought one myself There are also a ton of low light plants you can add such as: anubias, amazon swords, anarcharis, java fern, and a few others I'll look for for you I have my pothos and will put my own mangrove (when it comes in!!) in this: http://www.walmart.c...-Caddy/19287920 I hope this helped! Edit: this link is all about low light plants: http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/Plants.html
  3. Welcome to Kokos! I can promise that your in good company here!! I love your fish... They are so gorgeous! As for a new fish, I would go with a moor or a lionhead! I personally have a moor, a ruykin, and a little rescue lionhead, and I love them all!
  4. I can pick some up tomorrow hopefully . As long as it helps for walls and not just plants lol!
  5. Hmm... It doesn't look particularly hairy... I can try a different light schedule like Lucerne and see how that goes?
  6. I'm thinking that it might be black algae, but I'm no algae expert It's popping up in random areas of the tank, but this is the biggest area of it... What's causing it? Is it harmful? I've been battling brown algae as well, but I just scrape it off.. If you look close it has some light green spots: I'm sorry for the really bad camera quality!
  7. Oh wow, look at those breeding stars! He looks like he'll be a ladies man
  8. Lucian Calcifer Norman (Walking Dead kick ) Gerome I love names
  9. Congrats on the new babies! Spring is the season of love after all
  10. Aww She's so pretty! And huge! What on earth is in your water!?
  11. Thanks Alex So, just curious but how many Prazi treatments should I give LT? He's coming up on 3 tomorrow . His MM's end on Thursday too. Thanks again for all of the help!
  12. Alright! Thanks so much! I'll start pestering him now lol
  13. It was a true blue aquarium for fish that he converted from what he said. I can email him for more details if you think its worth a shot?
  14. Alright, I know it's a really stupid question, but can you convert an old snake aquarium into a fish aquarium? I'm guessing the answer is no, but I wanted to double check lol. It's 100 gallons and pretty cheap at $150. Thanks guys!
  15. I forgot yesterday Happy Easter guys!
  16. Hurrah! I'm so happy the little guy pulled through! Fishies are so tough
  17. Thanks so much! Its looking like he has some tiny fin rays where is pelvic fins should be ! I hope they start to grow in soon!
  18. Thank you! She's a tough little girl for sure! Silly as can be too. She's one of those fish that will let you touch them lol Thanks so much Helen! You were such a great help!!
  19. Awesome! Thanks for the info! He's got what looks like a tiny fin ray where his anal fin should be so that might grow back. Its kind of hard to see if he has fin rays anywhere else since hes so tiny and quick. I guess we'll find out eventually! Oh I know! Isn't he just amazing ? He's such a tough little fish! As long as he is happy, so am I!!
  20. I know! My LT is twice that size and I'm still worried about him and the siphon! At the same time, I wish he'd stay small... He's already gotten so big in the week I've had him! I can't wait to see more of your babies!
  21. I believe I have some pics of her up, somewhere- but, I can always post more! Hehe. If there are no fin rays there, no fins will grow. If you have fin rays, the fins might grow back! In Tater's case, I am pretty sure it is a "birth defect", so to speak. No fin ray at all, and the little nub, where it would attach, is seriously under developed, as well. Not sure if it's the same cause for your little cutie, but he is doing just fine with the wonderful home you have given him. oh wow I'm definitely still learning... Um what are fin rays exactly? Are they the skeleton structure of the fin? He has tiny little nubs where the pectoral fin should be, but I don't see any type of skeletal structure attached. I wonder if he'll be like Tater?
  22. I plan on it! That is.. As long as this camera don't disappear like my other two did
  23. Yes they do!! I'll take a bit of the credit, but you guys really are awesome!
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