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  1. Darn thermometers! I hope everything works out for the best hun :)

    I know that most goldies will try and eat everything, but once they figure out that they can't grind down whatever it is with their teeth, they usually spit it back out. If something gets stuck in their mouths, you can usually see it. That does also depend on the size of the beads.

    Before I took the gravel out of my tank, I used to worry every time my fish would pick up a swallow-able size gravel piece. They'd chew it for a sec then spit it back out once they figured out that it didn't taste good lol.

  2. Oh wow! They're really pretty :D! What size tank are those massive fishies in?

    75 gallon. I would love a bigger tank but none to be found around here. I keep looking on CL hoping some one moved here with a larger tank and now want to sale it. So far not anything bigger then my 75 and none of the pet shops sell anything bigger.

    I know how that search can go... I wish you luck!

    Just curious... but, have you ever tried to hand feed them? I imagine that could hurt!

  3. I've been worrying about the same thing! I want to add my baby into the big tank now that he's a little bigger than the other's mouths but I wasn't sure myself.. Thank you for asking :happydance

  4. Lol would mama-san be better?

    :rofl Oh good googamooga! Let's keep it simple and leave it at Smegy.

    Smegy sounds good too me! :rofl

    Besides... My real mamma might get jealous :SmackBottom:

    This sounds weird... but when you find it, beat it to a pulp like Mimi Smegy :bat:

    Excuse young lady? I don't beat everything to a pulp I'll have you know....just most things. :rofl

    I just have to ask. What does Mimi stand for? :rofl!

    Mimi is just another word for grandma.

    Ok :). So kokonuts call you Mimi Smegy?

    Your probably young enough to get away away with that lol! 21, not so much :rofl

    Sorry I am a little late to the discussion, but I'd like to add my input if that's OK.

    In November of 2012, Lisa, Sakura, PSP, Shelly, and I are some of the participants on a thread here about Nerites and Prazi


    I had the misfortune to have killed them all with treatment, and I guess in January 2013, Sakura confirmed my previous observation, that the med can be toxic, when she exposed her Nerites to prazi. However, PSP did not have any issues, and searching an actual snail forum, the consensus there is that there have been conflicting reports.

    So, I don't think that we can make a definitive conclusion here. As always, when in doubt, take the necessary precautions. :)

    I'm not sure what kind of snail that little guy was... But ever since I cleaned the Ehiem with prazi water I haven't seen any more :)

  5. This sounds weird... but when you find it, beat it to a pulp like Mimi Smegy :bat:

    Excuse young lady? I don't beat everything to a pulp I'll have you know....just most things. :rofl

    I just have to ask. What does Mimi stand for? :rofl!

    Mimi is just another word for grandma.

    :D mimi smegy it is! But I might be too old to call you that...

  6. Somehow they are comical! One of them was "crawling" up the back wall of the tank...there is a bubble wall across the whole back...his antenna where flapping in the bubbles..for some reason it struck me funny. Like he was Zooming (in Slow Motion) to get out of the crazy bubbles....it took quite awhile!!

    And another "dangled" off of the Anubias leaf for what seemed like an hour!! I guess he had his "tank" full of air & just decided to hang around!!

    I had forgotten they were amusing!

    I recently found a ramshorn snail in my plant tank. He's a really cute blue spotted fella :D. Well, today when I went to drop a piece of food in the tank for him, I found him hanging off of a piece of duckweed!! He was totally upside down using the duckweed as a walkway :o. I wish I had a video...

  7. Aww I love your new fishies! Sounds like you got some great advice already :D

    I'm assuming that your tank is about 150 gallons, or about 567L by the size... So it looks like your at about 792lpg. I'm not terribly fluent in my Liters, but I'm thinking that your at about 5x filtration. Goldies tend to need a bit more (I'm at about 10x filtration myself) since they're so messy. I think that should be ok to start with, just keep on your water params :)

  8. Will my tank remained cycled without a fish in it? I can add stuff to it if needed. The snail is about the size of a small pinky finger fingernail, maybe a bit smaller, I have no idea what type of snail he is.

    We'll do anything we can to help :)

    But yes, the cycle probably will need some sort of waste to feed on in the meantime.. The snail will produce some, but it's likely that a good part of the cycle might die off in the mean time. When you decide to add another fish, there's a chance that will cause a cycle bump. You might want to consider adding some fish food or ammonia to keep the cycle strong.

    I hope I helped some :)

  9. How is he doing? I think it's OK to skip the salt dip. :)

    :o :happydanceThat is probably the best news I've heard all day! So that would mean he's done with his treatment completely then right??

    But yes, he's doing great :). Swimming happily and trying to eat everything (including my fingers!)

    Thank you for all of your help!

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