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  1. Rofl why am I not surprised that a fish that enormous is a kokos fish? Gosh she's beautiful! I hope my babies will get that big... I have a feeling that she's a pond fish though. Can anyone confirm my hypothesis?

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  2. Dexy has been doing well today so far, but I still have her on the MMs for the pineconing. Klaus was bottom sitting all day (until 4 when I had to go out for a dinner) but when I arrived home he was swimming around normally. I just gave him some food, so I'll let you know how that goes :)

  3. I tried the food, but he ignored me lol. He just went and stuck to the wall :P

    I used a container to trap him, but he managed to swim out a few times first :wall

    After a few tries I managed to get him in the container, with your methood. Darn tiny fish lol!

    Thanks for the suggestions!!

  4. So Dexy is doing really well today! I gave her a dose of MM's last night and some this morning. When I checked on her this morning, she was no longer laying on the ground. She was still kinda floating there, but she had put some distance between her and the ground. She happily accepted more food MMs, and since eating again appears to have more energy! Her scales still look a little raised so I'm preparing the QT tank now!

  5. Ok, really stupid question, but I'll get to it in a sec. I have a bristlenose Pleco from Acro that has been in my QT tank for about a month. He's been checked out thoroughly in that month. Well as of now, I have a sick moor and I need my QT tank for her.

    The problem: I can't catch the little pleco to move him! He's only about the size of my thumbnail, about an inch or so. I hate the idea of using a net (Not sure if that would work anyway :wall ) but he swims away from my hand and every container I try! Any advice??

  6. Oh yeah! At first I wasn't sure if it was dust or something pilling up at the bottom, but then I started noticing those things appearing in droves! It was nasty lol! I just scraped up what I could and vacuumed as much as I could with my siphon. Between that and the Prazi, they weren't so much of an issue. I haven't seen anymore since I added the fish thankfully

  7. I just tried the water company for a GH/KH reading, and their closed until tuesday :(. I'll get it first thing though!

    I consider the high pH test to be virtually unreadable, but I would interpret those as 7.8 (definitely not 7.4) and 8.0/8.2. In any case, it's not a problem. My pH goes up in the tank/pond, but the change is gradual and the difference is not enough to be a problem for water changes.

    Sorry, I have such a hard time reading some of these tests... They all look the same color to me :wall . So do you think the 90% water changes are ok to do?

    I have the exact same readings and colours, and it's a fairly recent problem. I've never fully understood why it happens either

    Ugh, I know! It's really frustrating!

  8. I'm sorry you're having problems with poor little Dexy. I don't have anything to add, except I'm in love with your fish! She's gorgeous.

    Fins crossed for a speedy recovery x

    Thank you so much Black! She's my oldest (problem!) child. She's my big baby :D

    Prazi can wait until tomorrow. I want a little head start with the antibiotics.

    Sounds good! She ate the MM's. I let them soak in fish water until soft, and she was able to get them down with some chewing!

  9. Ok! So she responded to food. She perked up for a few seconds when I gave her the first piece of spinach. She chewed for a second mid tank, then floated back down to the bottom. The second little piece she stuck her head up, but didn't move around too much. She looked like she was having some issues chewing, but didn't spit it out. The only reason why I saw issues is because when she's well she is a super fast eater. Tonight she looked like it was taking some effort to chew..

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