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  1. It's going to be perfect when I decorate my bathroom in all things goldy. Just gotta get the gumption to paint...oh joy painting. :rolleyes:

    Are you going to paint goldies on the walls!? Oh please say yes :goldfish: . I found some totally awesome wall decals and shower curtain, but the family said no lol

  2. :o oh no! I sucked up my little fish once, but the flow was slow enough that I was able to shut off the valve quickly enough. It doesn't help when their really curious about the siphons too... I still think your a good mama, and I'm sure your baby does too!

  3. We love Tinko! One of our long time members should give him a PM, and see what he's up to!

    He has since moved on to other things, also he also got married to another member from here... They met on here.. :)

    Aww fishies brought people love together :heart That makes me so happy!! Tinko helped do something amazing for her owner before her passing. What an amazing fishy!

  4. Personally, I wish my parents would have done something like that for me lol... I was a big cry-baby as a child. We had a ton of pets and I always cried... I think I would have saved a lot of tears and energy if they would have done something like that. If she ever asks just explain how you felt :)

  5. Ok sounds good. I did a wc and added the prazi today. Dexy is very active and happy today. Klaus isnt doing as well though :-(. He is refusing food. He's been pooping thev long clear castes and his belly is very hard... I know the last time I gave him mms he became constipated. I'm concerned because it seems to be effecting his swimming ability. He mostly just bottom sits, but he'll move when I get near him. Is there anything I can do for him..?

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  6. Ugh poor fishy genetics!

    The way I'm trying to look at it is if not for us people who care and love our fishies, they probably wouldn't be here today. Take care of them the best we can and they'll grace us with their presence for as long as they are able to!

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  7. Aww sad! I read somewhere that they can live 30-50 if your really lucky... I guess they could have been talking about Koi too :(.

    Is it just their genetics (condensed bodies) that make their lives so short? Or is it illness usually? I suppose it could be both, but I hear more deaths due to illness and life struggles rather than old age.

    I want my babies to live to 50 :cry

  8. Sounds good! So, for a plan of action should I leave the two sick fish in the main tank and move the little healthy one into the empty QT while treating the main tank?

    Or should I put the two big fish in the 20 gallon QT together..?

    Thanks again!

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  9. Oh gosh... I'm so sorry to hear about Hoover :'(

    I know that little fishy had a good life with a mamma like you! Please don't beat yourself up over this... you did the best you could and mad little Hoover's life a great one!

    RIP beautiful little fishy

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