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  1. Ugh I spoke too soon. He/she is not wanting to eat again... Klaus goes for the food, then decides he doesn't want it :(

    I'm sorry the video took so long to upload, but here it is:

    I can pick up the triple sulfa first thing after class. Everywhere that has it is closed :(

  2. That's just the weird part about it: he has been eating them. I was alternating peas and mms like you suggested. He got all 26 down yesterday snd the day before :-(. I did come home from school to see a ton of heavy poop on the ground...

    On top of that, I'm starting to think he's a she. I finally started to notice a slight protrusion on the rear end and what looks like it could be egg poo.

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  3. I read the instructions and it said to add 3 level measures for my size quarantine (1 for every 5 gallons) every 2 days for up to 3 doses. As I'm transferring him to a fresh tank daily and basically doing 100% water change I'm assuming I can dose it every day for up to 6 days?

    Thank you guys so much for your help, I'm really hoping this will finally kick it and he makes it through. I love all my pets but he his really special. It seems like it's always the favorites that have the most problems......

    I hope things get better for you soon! Fins crossed! I know what you mean about your special fish always getting sick. My moor is my baby and she's always getting sick :-(. Our friends here are the best fish healers I've ever seen!

    Oh and I feed my fish veggies every day on top of their regular food. Pet store workers are silly sometimes :-)

    Best of luck with your beautiful fishies!

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  4. I almost forgot! Klaus has a scale that looks a little irritated.. He bumped a scale when I was trying to move him to the QT tank a few days ago. The scale that he bumped is now kinda red and half poking out. I figured that it would come out on its own, but it hasn't moved in 6 days... Should I leave it be or try and take it out?

    Its the red spot further back on his body:


  5. I think it might be a possibility. He seems to be eating now, but those poops make me wonder. It's no problem! Your always helping everyone out. I'm amazed that you can even remember us all!

    Ok, so Klaus is 2.3oz or about 65g (I think) (just reweighed him for accuracy!) and I've been feeding him, I'm estimating about 20-25 pieces a day, depending on his appetite... I hope that's been close!

  6. So I tried calling the Water company for about a week, twice a day. They didn't answer! Not once!

    However, did I finally get in my GH/KH tester.

    KH read (7 drops) 125.3 ppm

    GH I couldn't really figure out... It took 3 drops to turn green. Which is 50 (or something to that effect?)

    So... I have no idea what any of that means :doh11::rofl

  7. Aw I really wanted one! They don't ship overseas though :(

    It looks like these guys do oversea shipping :D

    Which guys? The link in the OP says may not ship to Australia and in the description they said they wont post overseas (

    Oh sorry, derp! I didn't post the new link:


    This guy says overseas in his item description :D

    Ah thanks so much!

    Sure thing! I'm glad to be of assistance :greenbanana: !

  8. OMG! Thanks a million. Are the decals just for glass/mirrors and not for walls? I LOVE the second curtain! :thumbs:

    I found some fun GF stuff on etsy.com also. Oh boy, I could go crazy with this stuff :rolleyes:

    Your telling me! Hold on to your checkbooks folks :rofl

  9. OMG! Thanks a million. Are the decals just for glass/mirrors and not for walls? I LOVE the second curtain! :thumbs:

    :o you know, I'm not totally sure about that.... Man, I hope they stick to other stuff too!

    Oh, and if you go to Wayfair.com and search goldfish, a bunch of stuff comes up. Food, pillows, shower stuff, soap lol. Goldie galore!

    The second one is my favorite too! Who couldn't love a giant goldie!?

  10. So I had to leave the house for a couple of days to visit my family in town. I left them with my significant other for that time. I get home, and my QT fish now has a red spot on the bottom of his body where he has been bottom sitting :-(. I'm doing a water change now. Do you think he'll be ok? My sf says he hasn't been eating much either

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  11. It's going to be perfect when I decorate my bathroom in all things goldy. Just gotta get the gumption to paint...oh joy painting. :rolleyes:

    Are you going to paint goldies on the walls!? Oh please say yes :goldfish: . I found some totally awesome wall decals and shower curtain, but the family said no lol
    Paint goldies? Yazzif! I never mastered coloring between the lines. :tomuch:

    Hmmmm... Sponge paint maybe?? Yeah, I'm not much of an artsy one either. I can barely draw stick fish!

    Aw I really wanted one! They don't ship overseas though :(

    It looks like these guys do oversea shipping :D

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